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Why Knowledge and Understanding Count when Handling Real Estate Litigation

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Why Knowledge and Understanding Count when Handling Real Estate Litigation

August 09
18:12 2019

While real estate is about people having a home, it is often the case that in the background there are complex legal disputes on a range of issues. These can include disagreements with neighbors, challenges over land partitions and territory, and contractual issues related to the purchase, sale or location of a property.

Given the size of these disputes and the value of property, there can be a great deal at stake both financially and emotionally – especially when people’s homes are on the line. Law in general is complex but the sheer breadth of potential legal difficulties associated with real estate makes it imperative to have knowledgeable legal assistance.

Gary Wachtel is an experienced New York real estate attorney who has handled a range of real estate issues across 31 years of legal practice. Among these are the buying and selling of real estate, with all the associated necessities such as the drafting of purchase and sale agreements, checking contracts, title examinations and reviewing lease agreements. Gary Wachtel has also represented landlords in arranging commercial leases and subleases.

But it is in real estate litigation that the high stakes emerge. Gary Wachtel’s experience covers numerous aspects of contractual breaches, including disputes over purchase agreements and leases, and also in landlord/tenant disputes. Issues here emerge on both sides, with landlords who may be failing to provide basic services such as repairs, security and heating, and tenants who are causing a nuisance, damaging the property or illegally subletting.

Gary Wachtel has also handled actions relating to partitions, where jointly owned property is intended to be divided according to the needs of the individuals involved. Such situations can play out in either a sale and division of the proceeds, or a buyout of one individual by another. Another common area of dispute occurs in condominiums and cooperatives, where issues relate to maintenance obligations and subleasing.

Another area of contractual dispute involves situations where a party has felt misled into signing a contract, or when the outcome of a contract does not match what was initially promised. In such scenarios, either a rescission or reformation can be sought, which provides justifiable grounds for cancelling a contract. Gary Wachtel has experience in handling such cases on both sides, and focuses on guiding the parties to an agreement without incurring expensive litigation costs.

Gary Wachtel has also handled boundary disputes, where seemingly innocuous features such as trees and fences can be the cause of bitter disputes over ownership and encroachment. He has also worked on both sides of mortgage foreclosures and eviction actions, from both residential and commercial properties.

“Real estate can be an emotive issue for all concerned and it is important to handle all related legal issues with the sensitivity and humanity that this requires,” said a spokesperson for the law office of Gary Wachtel. “ Gary Wachtel’s legal team is highly aware of the nuances of legal principles and is not afraid to use this to challenge lower court decisions, particularly where an appeal is in the best interests of a client.”

About Gary Wachtel

Gary Wachtel has practised law for 31 years and founded his law firm in 1988. His team represents clients across the New York area, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island, and specialize in numerous areas of property-related issues such as real estate litigation, landlord rights and Yellowstone injunctions.

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