Dr Jay Feldman is an Entrepreneur who’s now leading a non-profit organization

August 05 16:50 2020

A patient’s ability to enjoy each and every moment of life, even if they can’t completely heal, makes a huge difference to them and to their families. And, that’s the only thing that makes doctors important to society. As a doctor, you can help patients. As an NGO worker, you can change the health system. As an entrepreneur, you can promote business awareness among people. Providing health care and other kinds of humanitarian assistance to populations in distress involves also moral dilemmas. There are limits in our willingness to compromise humanitarian principles. Doctors need the freedom to independently assess the basic needs of the population and retain unhindered access to the population. They need to conduct, monitor, and evaluate the distribution of aid commodities and obtain security guarantees for expatriate and local personnel, and property.

Dr. Jay Feldman is a medical doctor, an entrepreneur, and also working for a non-profit organization to help improve health disparity through nutrition inequality. No matter the educational opportunities or incarceration rates or life expectancy inequality tends to have its finger on the scale. This is the case when it comes to healthcare outcomes: Obesity, for instance, is far more prevalent among those with lower incomes, as is unhealthy eating.  Dr. Jay Feldman is an osteopathic doctor and entrepreneur and found his passion in business and helping others.

It’s true that doctors save lives, but their importance goes far beyond that. They also helps their patients through minimizing their pain, recover from a disease faster, and learn to live with an injury that makes the patient disabled. But rarely find a doctor working as an entrepreneur. Dr. Jay Feldman finds his peace of mind in helping others in a different way. He also works for a non-profit organization to improve health disparity. Health disparities and health equity have become increasingly familiar terms in the public health sector, but rarely are they defined explicitly. Obscurity in defining these terms leads to the misdirection of resources. Dr. Jay Feldman completely understands these issues and tries to solve them by helping and working with a non-profit organization.

During this pandemic, doctors work like front line heroes. Dr. Jay Feldman is one of our heroes dressed in a white gown and battling on the front line with COVID-19. He also got this virus but after proper treatment, he recovered. Dr. Jay Feldman discussed this tough journey in his video. You can watch this video on his YouTube channel.  

Dr. Jay Feldman was born in Syracuse, NY in 1991. Later on, he with his family moves to South Florida. He was raised in Parkland, FL. Currently notorious for the school shooting at his alma mater, Stoneman Douglas High. There, he discovered and become obsessed with volleyball. Dr. Jay Feldman played competitive club as well as beach volleyball all the way through high school. He captained his State tournament team with his seniors and he was ranked the number 1 18 & under beach volleyball team in the nation with his partner Dave Palm.

Dr. Jay Feldman attended Florida Gulf Coast University after high school to train under one of the best coaches in the country. It was there that he got his first job as an ED Scribe and fell in love with medicine. In the starting period of his job, he faced difficulty in handling the critical case. But overall it was a good experience for him. From that point, volleyball and medicine were his top priorities and he excelled at both. Dr. Jay Feldman then transferred to the University of Florida to finish out his undergraduate and after scoring in the top 90% on his MCAT. He took a year off and traveled the world. He went to Israel and 22 cities in Europe. Since then, he has been to over 30 countries.

Jay Feldman completed his medical school at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in New York, NY. There, he became the president of the AMA and sat on the board of the wellness committee. During his time in New York, he began focusing on growing his personal brand. Jay Feldman has learned many lessons along the way and has made many mistakes in life. Despite his pure intentions, he faced more adversity than he would like to admit, but he continues to learn and grow from his mistakes and continue serving other people. And now, he is here as a successful person who passionately working for himself and others as well.

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