Orlando Residents With Distressed Homes Can Sell For Cash

January 06 17:09 2021
Orlando Residents With Distressed Homes Can Sell For Cash

Due to the state of the economy, many people find themselves wishing that they didn’t buy a house. Some people feel this way as their circumstances have changed and they now find the monthly mortgage payment to be too high. Others may be stuck in a home that requires costly repairs. 

Thankfully, there are companies that purchase homes from people who want to get rid of them. One such company is My Florida Home Buyers. This company services homeowners in the Orlando area that find themselves struggling to sell their house.

How Does it Work?

After contacting My Florida Home Buyers, the homeowners answer some basic questions about their home. The questions are simple and are the types of questions prospective buyers would normally ask. Questions may include:

  • How many bedrooms does the home have?
  • How many bathrooms?
  • How quickly is the homeowner wanting to sell?
  • Is the property currently in foreclosure?

The company will review the information that the homeowner submitted. If the home sounds like one that the company would be interested in, they set up an appointment with the homeowner so they can see the home in person. They will verify the information submitted is accurate, and they may take some photos of the property.

Next, the company will gather some information on their end and make the homeowner an offer for the property. That offer will be a cash offer, and that is the dollar amount that will be wired to the customer at closing. The seller of the home will not have to worry about any hidden fees or costs involved.

If the homeowner decides to sell their home, My Florida Home Buyers works with a lawyer to get the sale closed in as little as seven days. This is great for people who find themselves in a financial bind and are unable to afford the monthly mortgage payment. This can also help people who are about to have their home foreclosed on.

How to Get Started

If this sounds like something a homeowner in Orlando might be interested in, the first step is to go to https://www.myfloridahomebuyers.com/. This company will ask questions like the ones above and work with a homeowner to decide if a quick sale might be right for them. Gathering information from this company and even receiving an offer comes with no strings attached. 

Anyone who regrets buying their home should at least get a quote from this local we buy houses company. Getting an offer in writing for the home does not mean the homeowner is required to sell it. If the offer doesn’t work for the homeowner, they are under no obligation to do anything further with the home buying company.

About My Florida Home Buyers

Located in Sorrento, FL, My Florida Home Buyers is a family-run business that pays cash for homes in distressed conditions. Homes may be in the process of being foreclosed on or the owners may just be in a rush to sell. My Florida Home Buyers offers these homeowners fast closing options so they can sell fast and move on with their lives.

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