Jason Gardner & Compliance Prep Debut New Training Program For Aspiring Compliance Professionals

January 25 16:21 2021
Jason offers the only Compliance training experience that allows students to conduct real investigations and gain hands-on experience.

Jason Gardner is the founder of Compliance Prep & Compliance Accelerator, the sole hands-on Compliance training company in the industry. He will be leveraging his knowledge and expertise in Compliance to deliver world-class training to individuals pursuing careers in Compliance.

As a Consultant, Jason specializes in helping financial institutions around the world develop and implement Compliance & Risk programs to address deficiencies identified by regulatory agencies.

Through the Compliance Prep Brand, Jason offers an in-depth training program that focuses on providing students the ability to gain hands-on experience conducting investigations in financial crimes. Each student will learn how financial crimes impact the banking system, and in turn how to properly spot red flags.

Statistics show that what hiring managers want more than anything, is for prospective applicants to know HOW to do the job. However for many aspiring Compliance professionals they are faced with the age old conundrum of needing experience to get the job, but not being able to get the job because they lack experience.

Compliance Prep steps in to help provide hiring managers what they want, and the training the industry severely lacks.

Jason expertly identifies the subject matter important for success in Compliance investigations. More information can be found at https://www.thecomplianceaccelerator.com/.

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