iCopy-X Announces the Ultimate RFID Cloning Solution

September 16 22:30 2021
A powerful, portable, and streamlined device for RFID professionals.

LYON, FRANCE – Sep 16, 2021 – Security professionals, penetration testers, and researchers all need a convenient way to copy and emulate RFID tags, cards, badges, and fobs. Until now, that meant laborious workflows and unoptimized hardware, especially for cloning high-frequency tags. The iCopy-X is a complete solution to that dilemma: a fully portable, self-contained, feature-laden RFID copier based on the industry-leading Proxmark 3 platform.

Three iCopy-X models, all powered by Proxmark 3, pack unmatched power and versatility into an entirely portable solution requiring no external power source or computer connection.Each model features the device’s Auto-Clone function, which quickly and accurately detects an RFID tag’s frequency, type, and contents without any user input. Even if a badge is encrypted or password-protected, all iCopy-X models can read its contents and write them to a new badge, producing a perfect clone.

The iCopy-X adapts to your workflow: for rapid cloning, the Áuto-Clone function is highly optimised. For key sniffing and penetration testing, the Sniff and Emulate functions are available. For RFID Experts, the Proxmark module is directly accessible for advancedfunctionality.

The intermediate iCopy-XR model adds a comprehensive emulation mode perfect for penetration testing, and real-time sniffing of MIFARE Classic keys. The expert iCopy-XS model goes even further, allowing direct interaction with any Proxmark client and access to the full range of Proxmark tools.

iCopy-X also supports the iCS Decoder, an accessory that extends the iCopy-X’s core capabilities to decode iCLASS SE and SEOS cards, including target systems that support legacy cards. The iCS Decoder plugs directly into the iCopy-X, producing perfect clones with accurate legacy coding.

All iCopy-X functions work with the vast majority of low- and high-frequency RFID tags currently in use, including MIFARE and HID iCLASS tags. Blank tags can be purchased individually or as tag packs, directly from the iCopy-X web store.

The iCopy-X is available for purchase, and ships to any international address. To learn moreabout how the iCopy-X makes it easy to test and administer your RFID security system, please contact https://www.icopyx.com (International) or https://lab401.com (Europe)

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