How to Create a Barbershop Quality Shave at Home?

September 16 22:36 2021
How to Create a Barbershop Quality Shave at Home?

Lisa’s dad has always been a nostalgic person, and he would often reminisce about the barbershop he frequented in the 1980s, where he’d sit in a vintage green barber chair, enjoying a haircut followed by a hot lather straight razor shave from a well-practiced barber. The barbershop was where he could get a trim and a fresh shave, and every time he stepped out from the barbershop, he felt cool refreshment.

However, with the emergence of soap-aisle razors, men swapped out their ritual weekly visits for a convenient but less meaningful DIY shave. In turn, neighborhood barbershops serving precise, straight razor shaves are no longer common, and those that remain have become increasingly expensive.

His stories about the barbershop came to mind last week as Lisa was racking her brain to find the perfect gift for his birthday. As Lisa browsed online, She knew she had struck gold when she ran across the SOOCAS S5 Multi-Function Shaver. She could see right away the retro green design would remind him of the barbershop chairs.

The SOOCAS S5 Multi-Function Shaver has given her dad a superb experience. It pays homage to the past while incorporating today’s latest technology. With other razors, getting a clean shave in hard-to-reach places like the corner of the mouth or neck requires two or three passes, often leaving the skin nicked and irritated.

The SOOCAS 360-degree floating blade design contorts to the face to reach those difficult areas and gives a baby-smooth shave in a single pass. The SOOCAS S5 also features patented Air Cushion technology that reduces pressure on the skin for less irritation. “The shave was so gentle, it felt like a massage!” Lisa’s dad said. Now, he feels the same surge of easy refreshment he felt in the old-time barbershop whenever he’s using the S5.  

The S5 shaver comes in a full set that includes multiple replacement heads, a facial cleansing brush, a sideburn trimmer, and a nose hair trimmer. The facial cleansing brush gives the skin a deep clean, removing oil and dead skin for a healthy glow that lasts; the sideburn trimmer takes care of unwieldy sideburns with a simple swipe, and the nose hair trimmer makes it easy to trim those embarrassing strands.

For gentlemen like Lisa’s dad who appreciate the art of the shave, these features are essential. The SOOCAS S5 is reviving that retro barbershop shave as a lifestyle. With cost-effective design and value, it provides a close shave and a barbershop worthy experience at a cost-effective price.

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