Success Starts Within brings game-changing tools, techniques to help individuals elevate their performance and increase mental toughness

October 13 21:42 2021
The United States-based company unveils a platform that teaches individuals the tools and techniques to develop an optimum mindset so they can achieve peak performance in everything they do and optimize their life.

Success Starts Within has launched an innovative and game-changing platform that provides valuable mental performance information to the public, offering tools and techniques to help individuals elevate their performance and increase mental toughness.

Success Starts Within was founded by Eli Straw, who brings a proactive and applicable approach to mental training. He is a mental performance coach who helps individuals build mental toughness and overcome mental game challenges. 

Eli, who holds a Master’s Degree in psychology with a sport psychology specialization, leads the charge in helping athletes, performers, and other individuals reach their goals and achieve success. This is done by helping to cope with anxiety and other negative forms of thinking and teaching mental skills that will help elevate performance.

“For example, performance anxiety is categorized by an extreme state of worry. People grow incredibly concerned over what may happen if they are to fail, that their mind is consumed by distracting thoughts,” explains Eli.

Performance anxiety occurs when individuals experience extreme nerves before or during an event. These feelings often result in lower levels of performance and are more severe than normal nerves.

For those struggling with performance anxiety, Eli says work needs to be done to build their minds to become impenetrable to such ways of thinking. ⁠⁠

One of the benefits of mental coaching is improved confidence, where it helps individuals build confidence both in themselves and their skills. Through mental training, they gain better focus and concentration skills and learn how to become more resilient and cope with failure.

As a mental game coach himself, Eli teaches tools to overcome anxiety, helps individuals understand what drives them to succeed, and works with them to build a positive internal dialogue. 

Individuals can take a mental toughness assessment on the Success Starts Within website. It measures their mental strength, resilience, confidence, and ability to cope with difficult situations.  

Those who want to learn more about Success Starts Within may visit its website and the founder’s Instagram account for more information.

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