rct AI Secures Over $10 Million From Series A-3 Fundraising

October 20 07:06 2021
rct AI Secures Over $10 Million From Series A-3 Fundraising
rct AI is thrilled to announce that it recently raised over $10 Million from the Series A-3 Fundraising round.

October 19, 2021 – The gaming industry is one that has been experiencing a massive boom in recent years. And rct AI is taking this landscape to another level with its cutting-edge technology. rct AI is committed to using Artificial Intelligence to rewrite the reality of the gaming, entertainment, and blockchain industries. 

• rct AI, founded in 2018, provides AI solutions to the gaming industry. 

• It uses Artificial Intelligence to rewrite the reality of the gaming, entertainment, and blockchain industries.

rct AI is transforming the gaming world with a vision to explore the true Metaverse using AIGC as its compass. For those not familiar with the term “The Metaverse,” it is essentially another dimension where people can live their lives through virtual reality. Since day one, technology has been the driving force behind rct AI, and the company has always been at the forefront with its new innovations. 

Recently, rct AI has raised over $10 Million from the Series A-3 Fundraising round. The company is excited and amazed by the overwhelming response they’ve received from their partners. Moreover, rct AI has raised even more additional investment from its existing partner Galaxy Interactive. With this new money, the team at rct AI will be able to improve the Metaverse technology by adding more key features. As a result of this funding, rct AI will continue transforming the world of gaming, entertainment, and blockchain. 

The funds from Series A-3 have been raised from some of the most influential players globally, namely Yuanyuzhou Ventures, SpringWind Ventures, Galaxy Interactive (Series A-2 Lead Investor), Bonfire Union, Everest Ventures Group, FBG Capital, Folius Ventures, HashKey Capital, Hash Global, Liang Xinjun (Co-founder Fosun Group), Lucid Blue Ventures, Mask Network, PKSHA SPARX Algorithm Fund, SNZ, and Zonff Partners, all very active within this space. (Investors are listed in alphabetical order)

The company is grateful for the trust, understanding, and companionship of its old investors: SkySaga Capital, Y Combinator, Makers Fund, and Galaxy Interactive. With their help, rct AI has built deep partnerships with over 20 gaming companies worldwide and served over 200 million users. rct AI would like to thank all those who believed in it from day one and everyone else who has helped along this journey, including current partners. 

rct AI has made great strides in the past period of time, with many milestones reached. The company’s ambition has been recognized and supported by more friends, who have become its new motivation to move forward together in the future. It’s encouraging to see how they’ve partnered up and established close relationships with several partners along their journey – it seems like more people are recognizing this cutting-edge AI technology. 

“We all have reason to believe that the history of human progress is a hymn about courage. All the attempts, even every prediction, are fierce collisions with the real world. The real world is right there, and it is constantly changing. It will no longer be the way we are familiar with if we are not careful; the virtual world is also rising rapidly. The explosion of the Metaverse means people can no longer ignore the vision and possibility of this nebulous dream world. The opportunity to live in such a fascinating era makes our hearts burst with joy and excitement, leaving us with nothing but the desire and tremendous urge to make our mark.” – ​​Yuheng Chen, CEO, rct AI. 

At rct AI, the team is all set to do even more exciting and profitable things. The company sincerely invites more friends to witness and look forward to its future progress. 

Nüwa, the world’s first intelligent NFT was auctioned on May 23, 2021, since then, rct AI has also launched Mirror NFT, the world’s first intelligent NFT collection. 

Recently, rct AI launched the GameFi project Mirror World and has rapidly expanded its community. Moreover, the company quickly entered into multiple series of partnerships with various other notable projects. Here’re some more details of the GameFi project Mirror World:

Website: https://mirrorworld.fun/


Twitter: https://twitter.com/joinmirrorworld

About Us: 

rct AI is providing AI solutions to the game industry and building the true Metaverse with AI-generated content. By using cutting-edge technologies, especially deep learning and reinforcement learning, rct AI creates a truly dynamic and intelligent user experience both on the consumers’ side and production’s side.

We believe the next generation of gaming experiences will be more open-world, more immersive, and more intelligent. The interaction between human players and the virtual world will be more dynamic and multiplex.

To realize this vision, rct AI is helping designers and game developers create a truly dynamic and intelligent gaming experience with various products and solutions to the industry.

An alumnus of Y Combinator Winter 2019, rct is based in Los Angeles and Beijing.

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