Promotes the 8 Things Business Owners Didn’t Know They Could Do after QuickBooks Setup

October 21 00:57 2021 Promotes the 8 Things Business Owners Didn’t Know They Could Do after QuickBooks Setup

Most business professionals and accountants have heard of QuickBooks by Intuit even if they haven’t used it. QuickBooks has been the top-selling accounting software for small- to medium-sized businesses for years, and for good reason. According to, up to 80% of companies use the software in some form. What many people don’t realize is that QuickBooks does much more than reconcile a company’s balance sheet. Click here, and take a look at this article: “QuickBooks Desktop 2022 Features Key Updates.”

Organization and Management of Wholesale Orders

In QuickBooks, the online ordering system helps business owners manage and organize their wholesale orders. The online order interface allows team members, sales representatives, and others to place orders at all hours, and back-end systems are automatically updated. Refer to the instructions linked here to learn how to get QuickBooks’ order management system up and running.

Reminders and Tips for New Software Users

QuickBooks also provides helpful reminders and tips upon startup. Unfortunately, after these pop-ups are read and acknowledged, they may never appear again. To bring them back, click the appropriate option in the general preferences area of the main menu. This feature is particularly helpful for new team members who haven’t yet used QuickBooks.

Multiple Product Listing

If interested in selling new products with similar identifying information, QuickBooks allows one to add them in batch mode. Click the “Lists” menu and then choose “Add/Edit Multiple Entries.”

Customized Reports

The QuickBooks software also provides numerous reports, many of which business owners won’t even use. Rather than modifying reports after they’re generated, just select the prompt option under the report preferences menu. Then, one will be able to customize reports before they’re created.

Several Versions Are Available

In the past, there was just one QuickBooks version, and its functions were generic. Today, there are a few versions, each being customized to suit different businesses’ needs. The software comes pre-loaded with the forms and reports needed.

Crucial System Integration

QuickBooks now integrates with dozens of other business apps. Users can import data from sales, contact management, online ordering, and other applications. Find available integrations by visiting QuickBooks’ app store.

A Mobile App for Busy Owners

The free QuickBooks mobile app provides access to the software’s most popular functions on the go. One will be able to accept payments, view customers’ information, manage receipts and invoices, and process transactions, among other features.

Adding Credit Card Accounts

Most QuickBooks users know they can add checking accounts and perform most online banking functions. However, fewer users know that, no matter which version of the software they’re using, they can also add credit cards. Furthermore, there’s no limit to the number of credit cards that can be added.

QuickBooks: A Complete Package for Business Management

QuickBooks is a comprehensive way to manage business finances, but most users barely scratch the surface of what the software can accomplish. If one’s thinking of subscribing to a service or purchasing a business management app, QuickBooks may provide the functionality needed at a low cost. With QuickBooks accounting software and setup assistance from Fourlane, owners of the small, medium, and large businesses can get more done in less time.

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