Global Motorcycle Rental Platform Riderly Surpasses 100+ Worldwide Rental Locations

October 27 21:42 2021

Riderly, a global motorcycle rental platform has quickly surpassed 100+ worldwide rental locations since its launch. The exponentially growing online rental platform got launched amidst the escalating pandemic conditions. From holidays makers looking forward to renting a scooter to adventure riders aiming to explore the snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas, Riderly is known for catering to the needs of the most versatile motorcycle riders in 119 different rental locations. 


“Renting a motorcycle while you are abroad comes with plenty of perks apart from just for fun. All you have to do is look around for safe and reliable providers.” says Carlos Nasillo, CEO and founder of Riderly.

Riderly is an online motorcycle rental platform that aims to cater to the needs of all kinds of motorcycle riders.

So, riders can experience the pure joy of riding a great motorbike in their dream destinations. And also, conquer the world on two wheels of their choice.

With over 1,000 motorcycle models available for rent, including motorcycles, scooters and atv rentals, Riderly has been successful in building a vetted platform with over 200 providers worldwide. So, no matter what continent you are in, Riderly has got the right rental motorcycle for you.

“Joining Riderly has been fundamental for our survival strategy during the pandemic. It has given us access to customer demographics of motorcycle riding enthusiasts from across the globe. Previously, it would have been impossible for us to promote our vehicles to the right target audience. But Riderly made it all possible,” shares a rental partner.

Travelers and locals can find Riderly rental motorcycles at guaranteed best prices in locations such as Buenos Aires in Argentina, Melbourne in Australia, Curitiba in Brazil, Bogota in Colombia, Split and Dubrovnik (Croatia), Marignane in France, Attica in Greece, and many different cities in different continents across the globe. Some brands that the riders can choose from includes Ducati’s, Harley Davidson’s, Suzuki’s, BMW’s, KTM’s, etc.

With Riderly, both travelers and locals can experience the benefit of riding premium motorcycles anytime and anywhere across the globe. The rental platform also provides a motorcycle touring blog and travel guides. They cover the world’s top rental locations to deliver their customers a memorable riding experience. Such as the Dessert Plains of Morocco, Vietnam’ Hai Van pass, California’s Route 66, and even around the historic ruins of Athens.

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