Corey and Alicia Jones of Trainer Jones Coaching Share Their Best Tips on How to Get Fit with a Busy Schedule

November 16 08:05 2021
Corey and Alicia Jones of Trainer Jones Coaching Share Their Best Tips on How to Get Fit with a Busy Schedule

Modern life is jam-packed with appointments and responsibilities, leaving most of us struggling to find time for ourselves. If health and fitness seem impossible, you aren’t alone — but we can all learn how to get fit with a busy schedule.

‌As owners and head coaches at Trainer Jones Coaching, Corey and Alicia Jones know that fitness can be overwhelming. In fact, only several years ago, they were more likely to be out drinking and partying than working out and planning nutritious meals.

After their first son was born, they realized they wanted to set a great example for their kids. They saw parenthood as a way to start over as empowered, positive people. They knew their journey of small changes would lead to great things and learned how to use fitness goals to change bad habits.

Trainer Jones Coaching has become more than a successful career; it’s become a calling. Corey and Alicia are passionate professionals, helping others align goals with actions. They pride themselves on their relationships with clients, guided by respect and understanding each person’s unique challenges. They love to teach, motivate, and inspire their fitness community.

‌6 Tips for Your Fitness Journey 

‌Fitness and nutrition can be confusing, but Corey and Alicia want to make it easier. Follow these tips to meet all your goals, whether fitness, personal or professional: 

‌1. Make yourself a priority: Work, family, hobbies, and other commitments can make working out seem self-indulgent, but this mentality is a trick. Getting healthy isn’t selfish; it’s a way to give back. When you have more energy and feel better about yourself, you can give more to others. Never confuse a desire to improve with selfishness.

‌‌2. Mindset is everything: Your inner thoughts can make you or break you. You’ll have good and bad days, but you’ll learn to release the idea that your goals are unreachable. You’ll learn strategies for picking yourself up on bad days and how to build on your successes. Before you know it, your best self will shine.

3. Your goals should be SMART: SMART goals help you develop a realistic plan, letting you focus on the process and release unrealistic expectations. What are SMART goals?

● S: Specific. Focus on one step at a time. Instead of “I want to get in shape,” decide you want to jog a mile without stopping.

● ‌M: Measurable. Make concrete goals. “Looking great in shorts” is a matter of opinion, but dropping one pants size is measurable.

● ‌A: Attainable. Goals should be realistically achievable. Instead of focusing on the number on the scale, focus on the consistency of your workout. Sticking to 3 days of exercise a week for 2 months is more productive than obsessing over losing 10 pounds.

● ‌R: Relevant. Your goals are yours. Running a marathon may not be relevant to your journey if you have a bad knee, but swimming 100 laps could be.  Others’ ideas of fitness should not influence your goals.

● ‌‌T: Time-Bound. Always set a time frame for your goals. Without a time limit, it’s easy to let yourself off the hook.

4. Embrace the journey: Keep an open mind and don’t hold yourself to impossible standards. We all have bad days, but honoring your commitment to yourself lets you show up with consistency to build good habits. While it takes time for your body to adjust and see results, trusting the process will bring changes you’ll love.

5. Support is key: Consciously or not, people influence others’ behavior; what we order in a restaurant or whether we go to the gym depends on who we’re with. Talk with family and friends about your goals. Join a fitness community to get tips and tricks along the way, or work with a trainer to smash your goals in record time. At Trainer Jones Coaching, Corey and Alicia love to create customized workout plans that mesh well with your circumstances and preferences.‌

‌6. Accountability is your friend: Taking responsibility for reaching your goals is essential if you’ve struggled with health and fitness. Corey and Alicia want to give you the tools you need to stay on track and work smarter instead of harder. Take the guesswork out of your journey and let Trainer Jones Coaching help you succeed.

A Supportive Community That Has Your Back 

‌If you’re looking for ways to improve your health and fitness, no matter how busy life gets, a fitness community can help. Join their Facebook group, Trainer Jones Coaching, to meet amazing people who will always cheer you on. They share tips on healthy meals and snacks, motivation, and workout regimen, as well as info on boot camps and challenges to help you crush your goals.  Join them today!

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