How the Singing / Straw Became the Must Have Item in Every Vocalist’s Toolkit

November 16 23:42 2021
Singing / Straw is introducing a better way to sing and speak for vocalists around the world.

The Singing / Straw is a sustainable metal straw phonation tool that singers, vocalists, and speakers can use to promote more efficient vocal fold closure and release extra tension.

Founded by vocal coach and studio owner Whitney Nichole Cytryn in 2019, Singing / Straw has taken the industry by storm and has since become a staple item in every vocalist’s toolkit.

The science behind the Singing / Straw is simple. Singing through a straw is a powerful “semi-occluded vocal tract” (SOVT) exercise, which creates a resistance in the vocal tract and sends energy back to the vocal folds to help them vibrate more efficiently.

But how has a simple metal straw created such an uproar in the scene? Because it works, and it works instantly. After just one minute of vocalizing into the straw, users have reported sounding smoother and having reduced strain on the voice.

Professional singers are raving about the Singing / Straw. Chad King of A Great Big World says, “I love how my voice feels after practicing with this straw! Lately I feel like my voice has a flexibility and strength that I haven’t felt before. The only thing I’ve been doing differently is practicing with this straw. I’ll definitely be continuing! Love it so much.”

Deke Sharon, producer of “The Sing-Off” and musical director of the “Pitch Perfect” movie series adds, “Using just one straw definitely has immediate effects, in a good way. Plus, it’s just so elegant! Fantastic materials, something I’ll be proud to carry with me and show off to my singers, and it’ll help me get back in shape once it’s time to start touring again.”

From promoting a healthier, stronger and more balanced voice to increasing vocal efficiency, the Singing / Straw is truly the next evolution in singing.

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