Brian Colpak Explains Why Ransomware Attacks Are Becoming More Common

November 16 22:56 2021

Summary: Respected technology leader and entrepreneur Brian Colpak shares helpful insights about the surge in ransomware attacks and what individuals and businesses can do to stay safe.

Ransomware attacks have recently surged to such an extent that they are being referred to as the world’s “other pandemic.” It’s easy to see why. Both phenomena are widespread and have had a significant economic impact. While several factors led to the pandemic of 2020, the cause of the ransomware pandemic rests squarely on lax security protocols, at least according to tech expert Brian Colpak.

Unfortunately, it’s relatively easy for cybercriminals to access and encrypt personal and mission-critical data. Once they’ve done that, they simply demand money in exchange for returning it to the company or individual that owns it. Often, they demand the payments be made using methods that are difficult to track.

Many businesses are willing to comply. They don’t want to face the risk of having sensitive data exposed.

Individuals are also at risk. Cybercriminals may use phishing techniques to download ransomware to computers and other devices. People that engage in risky online behaviors are at an even higher risk of being attacked. Hackers can use the threat of exposure for potentially embarrassing or illegal activity to ensure that their ransom is paid.

Brian Colpak has some actionable suggestions to reduce the risk of a ransomware attack. One important step is to provide employees with security training that addresses the risk of ransomware. Additionally, strong protocols should be in place when it comes to employees clicking on unfamiliar links or downloading software. 

Other steps include encrypting sensitive data, ensuring that data backups are adequate, updating software frequently, and reporting suspicious network activity right away. Some of these things are practices that individuals can implement, as well.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of technical expertise out there to help companies prevent and respond to these attacks. Businesses should take advantage by partnering with security services providers that will help them to implement high-quality security systems.

Cybercriminals have no motivation to stop using ransomware to extort money from businesses or individuals. It’s simply too easy and too lucrative. 

However, Brian Colpack encourages people not to be discouraged. Ransomware can be defeated with a combination of technology, adjusted behaviors, and help from trusted security companies. 

Those who have been victimized should not hesitate to report the attack and seek help. It may be possible to regain control of data without paying exorbitant ransom costs.

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