Lhamo all-natural highly-absorbent herbal pads making way for cool & comfortable menstruation

November 17 07:42 2021
Lhamo assures comfortable, pain-free, and refreshing periods with all-natural highly absorbent minty pads.

Stamford, CT – November 16, 2021 – Forget those painful cramps. Forget those itchy and unpleasant odor down under. A NC-based woman-owned brand, Lhamo, assures comfortable menstruation with its innovative natural highly-absorbent herbal pads. These au-natural herbal pads have been intelligently designed with specific ingredients that  improve blood circulation, reduce painful cramps as well as provide a refreshing feel to make those 5 days more tolerable every month. 

The Lhamo pads are fast becoming the go-to period friend for women all across the country. The company website is buzzing with raving reviews and 5-star ratings from its long line of happy users.

“I love these products!!! I really wanted to get away from all the harmful products that are supposed to be good for you and these have done the job. I truly love everything about this company.” – Oshiba D.

“Great experience. OMG I love these pads. I felt so fresh & clean while using them. I also purchased pantiliners & I love them as well. I will be using these sanitary napkins from now on!!!! Great product!!!!!” – Melinese C.

In an exclusive interview, Ivy C., the founder of Lhamo, shared that their industry-leading herbal pads have been infused with a premium herbal formula based on the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine. The herbal formula has been further coupled with Lhamo’s patented essential oil spraying technology to develop the highly comfortable and minty-fresh Lhamo herbal pads. 

The Lhamo herbal-infused pads are composed of 5 main herbal extracts – 

  • Rose extract – helps to improve blood circulation and provide pain relief from cramps
  • Mint extract – helps to relieve tension and pain and create a refreshing cool feel down under
  • Lavender extract – helps to provide relief from itchiness or irritation down under, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Aloe extract – helps to soothe and moisturize the sore skin down under that reduces discomfort and rewards users with comfortable menstruation
  • Houttuynia extract – promotes health and wellness 

“Majority of pads and tampons today are treated with chemicals like bleach to get rid of bacteria. But harsh chemicals do more harm than good. The itchiness and burn that you might experience down under during the menstrual week are mostly caused by these chemicals. At Lhamo, we are extremely particular about developing only the chemical-free pads to keep our users safe. Instead of chemicals, we use herbal extracts that have proven to fight bacteria as well as prevent their growth.” 

Another major USP of Lhamo pads is their Smart design. These minty pads feature a gel design which makes them more absorbent and also more breathable compared to regular herbal pads in the current market. The “mint” quotient eliminates the unwanted stuffiness often experienced with regular pads, assuring a refreshing feeling for the users. 

Top features of Lhamo herbal pads: 

  • Made from 100% cotton
  • All-natural chemical-free  herbal pads
  • Made with essential oils that help to fight bacteria and odor 
  • Composed of plant extracts that work to soothe and moisturize the skin and add balance to delicate parts
  • Super absorbent pads
  • Help to eliminate stuffiness
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Eco-friendly production process

The Lhamo herbal pads are available in various packages. Customers can choose from Day & Night sets, Heavy Flow Sets, Single Packs, and Bundles. Travel packs are available as well.

For more information, please visit https://lhamopad.com

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