What’s the advantage of using plastic formwork products

November 17 12:50 2021

The choice of efficient formwork solution is a significant decision for saving both time and costs during the construction process. plastic formwork products improve profitability on the construction site primarily with their suitability for fast mounting and demounting process that saves time and makes the workflow significantly more efficient. For this reason, our solutions can be used for buildings, roads, infrastructure projects, bunkers, swimming pools, or to build an entire prefabricated house. The following are the advantages of plastic column formwork

basins and elevator shafts

The low weight of plastic modular formwork simplifies the pouring of tanks, basins and swimming pools in areas with limited or no access to heavy equipment. Plastic formwork system also ideal for elevator shafts as it can use without aid of crane, can make an easy, fast and precise job by hand.


Column panel is a modular shuttering panel, made of high impact resistant PP plastic, for reinforced concrete columns, pile caps and walls. The panels are engineered to interconnect or thogonally in different positions, creating a “star”-shaped formwork of variable size.

The column panels are interconnected using the standard nylon locking handles. Each panel will require 9 handles. The forming face has 6 parallel rows of fixing holes to allow the orthogonal connection of the panels in a “star” shape. The rows are placed at a distance of 100/50mm the one from the other, allowing the forming of square and/or rectangular columns with side of 150 to 600mm

There is a series of holes in the middle of the panels for the passage of tie rods. The position of the holes is asymmetric to avoid conflict between crossing tie rods. All unused holes are closed with plugs.

A column 3m height is formed with 16x column panels,8 x tie rods, 16 x washers, 144 x handles, 4 vertical steel reinforcement bars.

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