Bobby Jones on Rebuilding His Life and Real Estate Career After the Squalls of Life Took Everything From Him

November 20 08:33 2021
Bobby Jones on Rebuilding His Life and Real Estate Career After the Squalls of Life Took Everything From Him

The real estate industry is one of the most highly sought-after industries for anyone building their careers. The promises of financial freedom that it provides is too high an opportunity for anyone to pass, but while the rewards can be exhilarating, the moments of loss and rejection can be equally devastating. Although anyone can thrive, not everyone can succeed. Bobby Jones is one of the most renowned names in real estate, and while his success can be attributed to his natural gift in the industry, Bobby owes everything to his greatest motivation: his family.

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Bobby Jones’ resume boasts an illustrious career in real estate with over 20 years of experience, helping him obtain the superstar status he’s renowned for in the industry. His hustle is the product of his involvement in sports since he was a toddler, a memory he looks on fondly. “It developed my character and willingness to never quit,” Bobby explained. 

Although character and drive are two factors in Bobby’s success, he never forgets to bring up the values that his parents instilled throughout his childhood. Being raised in church, the values would help him stay on the right track. But like most people, Bobby would stumble and fall, making many mistakes and coming extremely close to destroying his life. 

Bobby Jones would encounter one of the greatest obstacles in his life was the recession in 2008. Like many, he would suffer from the market crash, leading to Bobby losing all of his materialistic things. Devastating as his life already was at the moment, things would take a turn for the worst in the same year when his wife filed for a divorce. 

The situation Bobby found himself in would have crippled anyone else, but the real estate expert held on. Refusing to stay down, he would work harder than before, determined to right his wrongs. With a natural ability to connect with the very best and often finding himself with luck on his side, Bobby was able to start anew. 

Since then, he has played a significant role in helping eXp Realty grow into a real estate empire. As a natural leader with great connection skills, Bobby has been guiding others to not only gain financial freedom through real estate but to also grow their careers. His impact on eXp has allowed agents to own stock in the company through multiple ways, build passive income through the revenue sharing model, and to have access to cutting edge technology. What makes Bobby’s position in eXp Realty so unique is the strength of his upline in the company. He has added Elena Cardone and Tarek El Moussa, host of HGTV’s Flip or Flop, to the eXp’s growing empire.

eXp Realty has grown its reputation as the fastest-growing real estate company on the globe, operating in 17 countries and growing. Bobby Jones is eager to use his platform and achieve billionaire status. He also foresees his career allowing him to lead billions to Christ.

Learn more about Bobby Jones and eXp Realty by visiting his official website.

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