Rap/Afrobeat International Artist Wakobi Releases New Single Titled “Forgiven”

November 30 14:44 2021
New song will be available on all streaming platforms and will showcase Wakobi’s improvement in style and lyrical delivery as he reinvents himself to take over the music scene.

Rap/afrobeat artist Wakobi is set to release a new single titled “Forgiven”, which will be available on top streaming sites and social media pages. For months, the song has been in the works and is now ready to be unleashed on music fans and lovers worldwide. “Forgiven” has all the ingredients, appeal, and elements to become a hit. Therefore, everyone who loves genuine rap and lyrical expression will easily connect with the song.

Produced by Spiritual Vibes, “Forgiven” isn’t just a song but a statement and interpretation of positive and progressive human experience. The lyrics will sink deep into the listener’s soul, compelling them to think about their lives and decide to forgive themselves and others so they can move on to the next level of their growth. It’s a refreshingly, exciting musical expression that listeners will enjoy and learn so many important things from it

Wakobi has been around for some time now, releasing songs and engaging his audience. He’s always been someone who likes to educate his fans, followers, and listeners with his music, while at the same time helping them enjoy the rhythm and beat. Rap comes naturally for Wakobi, and he’s always wanted to create amazing art that adds value to society.

Every creative artist has a message they want to send across with their music. For Wakobi, he desires to inspire listeners, especially young people. Many youth today don’t know what direction to take because of the challenges they face. Wakobi believes that with determination and commitment, everyone will eventually achieve their goal.

Link to stream Wakbobi’s Song: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3YPSUF80Pv7R3ft9LROSrV?si=knZXJ6JVS0u4FVe5TJrzPw&utm_source=copy-link

About Wakobi

Wakobi is a rap and afrobeat artist who is half Nigerian and half American. Born in America and raised between America and Nigeria, ultimately helped Wakobi connect to his African roots and cultural heritage. Music has been a part of Wakobi’s life since he was eight years old, but it wasn’t until 2007 that he decided to take the bull by the horn and commit to his music. Earlier in his career, Wakobi completed many solo projects and was part of several groups, in addition to performing in various shows alongside top artists.

As an international artist with Nigerian roots, he ensured to infuse elements of both worlds, which helped him capture American fans’ attention and Nigerian listeners in different parts of the world. Wakobi’s passion for love prompts him to write love songs, because he believes in the power of love to heal the world and bring all suffering to an end. Women love his music worldwide because he sings about love, and his lyrics pay homage and respect to the emotions and value of women. Wakobi promises to remain loyal to his fans worldwide and continue to deliver music that will inspire them. He wants to use his music to uplift people and make them appreciate who they are, no matter what they’re going through.

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