Global Promotion Event of Taizhou’s Opera Culture: Home to Meilang, Peking Rhythm Fluttering

December 06 17:48 2021

The profound Chinese culture is made up of regional cultures with their own characteristics. Mei Lanfang is a representative historical and cultural celebrity in Taizhou, who has made great contributions to the development of Peking Opera in China and the international exchange of Chinese culture. China has a master of Peking Opera, that is, Mei Lanfang, whose hometown is Taizhou, and in turn, Taizhou is very proud of Mei Lanfang. The hometown of Meilang has beautiful Peking rhythm fluttering, and the sacred place of opera is now expecting a new chapter. Since 2008, the “Mei Lanfang Arts Festival” has been held once a year, with famous actors and actresses gathering, and the festival has become one of the most influential art events in the Chinese opera industry and one of the most iconic city cards of Taizhou.

The female characters portrayed by Mr. Mei on the stage are all melted in the image of beauty, and their artistic characteristics are flamboyant in their simplicity, playful in their modesty, emotional in their quietness, and generous in their charm. For example, Zhao Yanrong, who boldly rebelled against the sycophant ruler, Bai Niangzi, who dared to fight against the evil forces in pursuit of love, Xiao Guiying, a fisherman girl who followed her father’s heroic revenge, and Liang Hongyu, a famous Chinese heroine. His representative works include “Luo Shen”, “Cosmic Front”, “The Drunken Beauty”, “Farewell My Concubine”, “Chang E Flying to the Moon”, “Heavenly Maiden Scatters Flowers”, “The Legend of Tai Zhen”, and “Mu Guiying Takes Command”, which people call “Mei Ba Chu”.

During the Mei Lanfang Arts Festival, the “Hundred Plum Blossoms” Fine Repertoire (Beijing Opera) Exhibition, the 1st “Mei Lanfang Cup” National Peking Opera Audience Competition, and a series of activities to honor the masters will also be held to build the Mei Lanfang cultural brand, inherit opera culture, and innovate opera art. To promote tourism with culture, highlight culture with tourism, and turn Taizhou into “Mei Lang’s hometown – the mecca of opera”.

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