The Barry Epling Scholarship for Young Entrepreneurs: Helping Future Businesses Owners Grow and Flourish

January 14 23:15 2022
The Barry Epling Scholarship for Young Entrepreneurs: Helping Future Businesses Owners Grow and Flourish

Barry Epling

Whether someone is trying to start up a business or planning to attend school to learn how to own and manage one in the future, the financial strain caused by the rising costs of education is something you can’t outright ignore. Almost everyone knows and can imagine just how tough life is when you have no proper source of income as attending school becomes another burden to manage. For young entrepreneurs planning to start their own business while attending university to study, it can get very discouraging when they have to face the harsh reality that awaits them as the struggle to finish school, graduate and start their business.

No one understands this struggle, caused by financial instability, better than Barry Epling. A successful businessman and entrepreneur, he found early success in his career during the start of his career in the 90’s. Growing from a single telco switch to becoming the CEO of fully fledged telecommunications company, US Tel Inc. He was able to earn around $44 million a year within a short time of 5 years, only solidifying his success in the world of business.

His success and ventures in entrepreneurship brought him all-around the world which eventually led to his next big break. His investments as an entrepreneur to the nutraceutical industry allowed him the opportunity of inventing and founding PrimiCell. Numerous experiments and trials allowed him to found this company which aims to improve overall wellness as well as help facilitate stem cell regenerative treatment. Furthermore, he also had the opportunity of becoming the founder of several private label brands to doctors.

Over the course of his life, Barry has found great success in his career as an entrepreneur of multiple industries. His ventures in telecommunication and stem cell therapy shows the limitless potential that entrepreneurship has. His success in the field of entrepreneurship as well as his passion for it has inspired him to give back to the younger generation through his scholarship program, the Barry Epling Scholarship for Young Entrepreneurs.

No one is better qualified than Barry Epling when it comes to understanding the risks involved with taking up entrepreneurship. While entrepreneurship might be a risky endeavor, it is also an extremely rewarding one as what we have seen in Barry’s life and his achievement. He wishes that through his scholarship program that it will allow him to give back to the community through the next generations of business owners and entrepreneurs.  If you would like to apply for the scholarship, or see all the details to see if you qualify, please visit the official scholarship website:  Barry Epling Scholarship.

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