How 5ire Can Help With Disaster Relief

May 10 21:08 2022

Following the ugly events of a disaster, people are thrown into various forms of misery, from hunger to insecurity to homelessness. Blockchain solutions can be utilized to improve relief efforts. 

How 5ire Can Help With Disaster Relief

Natural disasters have calamitous effects on poor people and poverty. Past the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, it was estimated that the proportion of people living below the poverty line in Aceh, Indonesia, shot up from 30 per cent up to 50 per cent. Similarly, it’s estimated that more than 750,000 people fell into poverty because of the earthquake and aftershocks that hit Nepal in 2015.

Similarly, in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, governmental initiatives fell flat when disaster officials could not coordinate between webwork of federal agencies to deliver relief supplies promptly.

The challenges encountered by relief organizations during the distribution of relief materials call for a blockchain solution like 5irechain. 

Significant challenges faced by organizations during disaster relief

Lack of accountability, trust, and transparency of the relief efforts to ensure resources could be effectively utilized for the specific purpose.

The lengthy and challenging process of registration for volunteers 

Lack of cooperation or coordination throughout companies

Difficulty in collecting and distribution efforts that leads to duplication of waste

Incorrect recording of transactions and 

activities related to efforts related to relief management

Using blockchain to address disaster relief challenges

To address the challenges posed by disaster relief issues, a blockchain solution is essential. Some of the proposed solutions are as follows:

Decentralized platform: 5ireChain provides coordination and collaboration for all associated stakeholders by having a single and comprehensive trusted ledger.

Data immutability: When the data is recorded, it cannot be changed very easily. This results in creating an audit trail as well as a trusted system for the distribution and collection of different services and products.

Demand reporting: Trusted participants could effectively record demands from various areas on a comprehensive network. This avoids wastage and duplication of any potential data.

Transparent tracking: Supplies inventory could be tracked from receipt to the warehouses until delivered directly to the end consumer. This also helps to improve accountability and facilitates logistics — thus leading to better and improved responses for disaster relief management.

Solutions provided by 5ireChain for disaster relief programs 

From an organizational point of view, 5ireChain provides highly relevant solutions throughout environmental applications. It focuses on delivering the transition to clean and highly efficient decentralized systems, peer-to-peer trading of permits and resources, supply-chain management and transparency, and the latest financing models for environmental outcomes. Within the context of disaster relief programs, 5ireChain can provide various solutions for disaster relief. Some of the answers are as follows: 

Automated preparation of disaster management and humanitarian relief: 5ireChain can help underpin a new and shared system for various parties involved in disaster preparedness and provide relief for improved effectiveness, efficiency, coordination, and trust of resources. An interoperable decentralized system also allows data sharing and automated transactions by providing smart contracts. This improves the efficiency of the consequences of disasters. 

Distributed ledger technology provides a platform for an equitable and transparent process of disaster intervention. It eliminates the room for corruption and the management of funds.

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