TRIP NFT, the new platform providing traveling perks for users around the globe making traveling more affordable and accessible to everyone through the NFT technology.

May 17 00:42 2022

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Whether it is for business, entertainment, or tourism, traveling remains the main attraction for people around the globe of all ages. Traveling agencies have made it easier throughout the years for people to travel with less restrictions. Moreover, banks developed systems that allow their members to benefit from plane tickets discounts whenever they make purchases using their credit card. However, most of these benefits are limited to developing nations with access to online banking and credit card services. Over 30% of adults in the United States don’t have access to a Credit Card. That number is staggeringly higher when you look at worldwide statistics. 80% of the world’s adult population do not have access to credit. The great majority of the Travel Rewards Industry is built on top of benefits that come from owning credit cards. That leaves 80% of the world population unable to redeem rewards on flights they’ve purchased.

TRIP NFT is a new platform that allows users to bypass all the aforementioned barriers.  The platform’s main financial transactions are conducted through NFT technologies which allows users to carry out transactions directly with the concerned companies (e.g., airlines, loggings, hotels) without going through agency fees. 

Here’s how TRIP intends on accomplishing that:

–  The Genesis Pass is an NFT that can be minted from the website or bought second hand from platforms such as OpenSea. This pass will be the credit card alternative for traveling. Through the ownership of the NFT, holders will be able to redeem rewards and flight upgrades on any future trips.

–  Travel more Pay less system. Holders of the pass will have their rewards increased anytime they conduct a transaction via their NFT. This way, people who enjoy traveling frequently will travel more and pay less.

–  Personalized Traveling platform. Users of the TRIP NFT platform will have the option to give permission to the website to optimize the platform in a way that reflects the person’s preference for traveling destinations and activities. Frequent travelers will no longer have to search for the best cities that reflect their interests, instead they can let the website do the job for them. 

Traveling can be lonely, which is why a key utility component of TRIP will be its traveler’s community hub. Holders of TRIP NFT will have access to:

–  Exclusive access to holder’s dedicated travel channel to meet, and network with fellow travelers.

–  Access to member’s only resources with up to date information about trending travel destinations, spot deals, and more.

This way, instead of having people spend money on traveling coaches and touristic guides, they are provided with a community on Discord that will present this information for free to any selected destination. Bringing people together no matter their background is the main goal of TRIP NFT.

The day when an electronic passport is all someone needs to travel is nearby. TRIP NFT’s roadmap consists of reaching this Era sooner than later. People will book their ticket, hotel reservation, and transportation via their Genesis Pass. Moreover, every time someone travels to a certain country, they will get an NFT on their pass airdropped to them for the selected country. The Genesis Pass will be the end of the long-lasting physical passport Era.

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