2022 Latest Powerful Internet Microphone for Online Content Creators – Maono PD400X

August 16 21:39 2022
The introduction of Maono Internet microphones not only solves the problems of traditional microphones that require a complex setup to use and lack basic functions but also is more in line with the needs of today’s Internet content creators, like video creation on YouTube or game-streaming on Twitch.

Maono added a new member to its Internet microphone queue.

Maono PD400X dynamic microphone was launched on Kickstarter. It is easy to set up, and its versatility will bring greater convenience to users. Even though it is already brilliant, Maono still would like to hear users’ opinions. So, this time, Maono launched this microphone on Kickstarter to involve its users in the creation process to let it polish the microphone meticulously and make it better meet the needs of Internet users. Amazing News! Maono completed its goal just 2 hours after the PD400X’s Kickstarter launch, and the early bird price of 50 sets sold out in a flash. So far, over 360 users have backed the project.

Why the Maono PD400X quickly gained attention as soon as it was released?

The Maono PD400X is a combination of the advantages of traditional broadcast dynamic microphones and the most advanced audio technologies. It adopts an upgraded dynamic capsule for excellent noise reduction and guaranteed high sound quality even when not recording in a studio, and the USB/XLR dual-mode design makes it suitable for most end devices. What’s more, it also comes with a 3-in-1 knob, a touch mute button, and a powerful app. All these features can take your most challenging audio projects to a higher level!

According to professional test data, Maono PD400X’s performance in low-frequency and high-frequency processing is even better than a well-known dynamic microphone model of its competitor. Here is how one of the reviewers described the sound quality of the microphone: Maono PD400X sounds fairly clean and totally pretty solid. I have to say that sound rejection with this microphone is really good–by Tech Summit.

The 3-in-1 digital knob of Maono PD400X is intuitive and easy to use. Users can adjust microphone gain, headphone volume, and monitor mix directly on the mic itself. The app designed for the microphone, Maono Link, is compatible with both PC and Mac, giving the average user access to advanced features and settings. Additional features in the app will continue to be upgraded in the future. In addition, Maono’s R&D team is working on versions of the app that can be used on Android and iOS mobile devices to more fully meet the needs of users.

This time, Maono’s first multi-functional high-performance microphone with app is comparable to the well-known Shure MV7 and Blue Yeti X in sound quality. It is thoughtfully paired with a desktop stand, and its price is also more affordable. Like some other microphones from Maono that have become the ‘Best Seller’ on the online sales platforms, it is positioned as a super cost-effective Internet microphone as a way to provide end users with a better solution.

Why did Maono develop Internet microphones and was able to develop a high-quality but competitively priced product like the PD400X?

First, due to the rapid development of the Internet and social media, the traditional way of creating audio content has been changed. Maono provides audio devices that can be connected to Internet terminal devices such as mobile phones, PCs, and tablets based on the real creation scenarios of users, and supports users to share their content creations on social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and Facebook. Second, the main users of Maono are podcasters, vloggers, streamers, gamers, and bloggers who communicate and share through the Internet. The content creators of the Z era are all new-generation practical parties, high cost-effective advocates, and those young people also grew up on Internet consumption platforms. Their demands reveal a two-way pursuit of quality and price. Also, Maono integrates design, R&D, manufacturing, and sales in-house. In this way, Maono can provide premium products with top-level components and build quality at a price unimaginable by other brands. These are also the important reasons why Maono has been able to sell well in 153 countries worldwide and become the global best selling Internet microphone brand.

Maono is a young brand, but also a dynamic and energetic brand. The word ‘Maono’ comes from an African language meaning ‘vision’ and is pronounced [ˈmɑnoʊ]. It believes ‘vision’ drives technology and focuses on professional audio products innovation, especially for the fast-growing young generations who like to podcast themselves and share their moments on the Internet. Until now, Maono still maintains this beautiful vision, hopes that Internet users can experience and create happiness with a wonderful voice, and works hard with the mission of making the world’s best microphones and audio products.

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