Hemal Perera Photography Promotes Tourism in Sri Lanka with Dudley Sirisena and Araliya Beach Resort and Spa Unawatuna

October 05 19:30 2022

The tourism industry is receiving more and more attention on a global scale due to its relevance and economic impact. Sri Lanka emphasizes its involvement in current and future development goals. Tourism is a major source of revenue, foreign currency, and employment opportunities. Sri Lanka is a well-known tourist destination, and while there are many elements that influence the nation’s overall tourism revenue—factors that are less numerous than in the global context—tourism also offers investment and business opportunities. The government currently gives beach land and islets for the expansion of tourism. Southern Sri Lanka has a lot of tourism potential because of the wonderful beaches there.

Currently, Sri Lanka is struggling a lot due to the economic crisis. Despite the dew, rain, and sun, a photographer in Sri Lanka was dedicated to supporting the people’s struggle. His name is Hemal perera. The voices of the people have become louder and those who have led Sri Lanka for more than fifty decades of rule have made no progress. However, it would be appreciated if someone offered their full support and dedication to the people’s struggle in their professional field. Also, as a professional photographer, he has been instrumental in promoting the travel industry by taking unprecedented photographs by visiting amazing places. The visual aesthetics of the image quality and the ability to capture objects within the frame and engage in fine photography is a task that only a great person can do. It is a good idea to bring an art form to the forefront to make people understand understood the significance of the struggle in a very meaningful way. Photographs can speak a thousand words. He is happily announcing that he is working with Araliya Beach Resort and Spa Unawatuna to Promote Tourism in Sri Lanka along with Dudley Sirisena, who’s an entrepreneur and the Chairman of the world-renowned Araliya Group of Companies. This collaboration will be a turning point in the tourism industry of Sri Lanka.  

Araliya Beach Resort and Spa is Embellished with the charms of immaculate beaches, lush coconut groves, and stunning oceanic vistas from all its abodes, Unawatuna Beach Resort & Spa is a premier amongst Unawatuna hotels. Being the first star-class and five-star hotel in Unawatuna, the property is composed of a wide array of exclusive accommodation options, bars, restaurants, boutiques, and entertainment hubs making it an idyllic destination to experience pure tropical bliss! With all of these, it’s an amazing place that is one of the best tourist attractions. The property, which is conveniently close to the southern highway exit and close to Galle, the southern province’s capital city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is easily reachable from Colombo. Additionally, it is situated close to several well-known tourist attractions on the southern coast. Photographer Hemal Perera’s creations with this amazing place and the wholehearted self-made entrepreneur Dudley Sirisena will do a lot of magical things to build up the tourism industry in Sri Lanka.

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