ReverseAds Announces The Launch Of The World’s First True Alternative To Search Advertising

September 15 04:53 2020
ReverseAds Announces The Launch Of The World’s First True Alternative To Search Advertising
ReverseAds is a startup that is evolving keyword advertising through the use of Big Data, A.I., and predictive modeling.

September 14th, 2020 – Today, ReverseAds announced the launch of its reverse-engineered search advertising solution that uses Big Data, A.I., and predictive modeling to help brands serve intuitive ads everywhere buyers go online after their initial search. ReverseAds addresses the need for predictive multi-channel ad campaigns that provide total visibility of the buyer’s journey, allowing brands to move beyond underperforming search ads. This approach to digital advertising prioritizes ROI and CPA compared to the CPC bidding model provided by Google.

With ReverseAds, considered purchase brands gain access to unprecedented amounts of intent data and a patent-pending Assignment Algorithm (currently pending with the USPTO). The algorithm uses predictive learning A.I. to determine which keywords will drive a business’s highest total conversion. This allows companies to be everywhere a buyer goes online after their initial search, serving optimized ads to the highest intent buyers at each stage of their journey. All of this is achieved while prioritizing data privacy, which protects consumers’ and businesses’ rights.

ReverseAds securely compiles machine ID level data from both structured and unstructured sources. This data is processed to determine the highest intent keywords being used by high intent buyers. These buyers are then served ads on top websites, 100+ ad networks, and 50+ DSP’s throughout their buyer journey or until they convert.

The rise of digital platforms has transformed advertising strategies, as 81% of consumers spend time researching a product online before making a purchase. This has significantly reduced the effectiveness of search ads, providing an opportunity for brands to create more intuitive multi-channel ad campaigns that reach well beyond the search engine. ReverseAds has expanded and optimized the reach for global brands such as BMW, Marketo, Century 21, Subway, and more. This is why ReverseAds has recently secured investments from visionary business leaders such as Jennifer Johnson (Franklin Templeton), James Caan (Hamilton Bradshaw), and John Baldwin (Bridge Capital LLC).

Mike continues, “Search-based intent is the most accurate way to identify potential buyers, people know that and so does Google. That’s why businesses spend 165 billion + a year on search ads. We’re giving businesses an alternative to the “yellow pages” style traditional sponsored search engine ads. With ReverseAds we identify the same people searching and give brands access to these people through the buyer journey from end to end.”

About ReverseAds 

ReverseAds is an evolution of keyword advertising built to roadmap the entire buyer’s journey post-search. ReverseAds allows brands to be everywhere the buyer is until the purchase, at a fraction of the cost of search advertising. ReverseAds was created as an evolution to search that delivers access to buyers where Google Ads simply cannot.

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