Community Facilitation Handbook Released By Conscious Coliving Details The Roadmap To Building Healthy Coliving Communities

January 21 17:33 2021
Community Facilitation Handbook Released By Conscious Coliving Details The Roadmap To Building Healthy Coliving Communities
Conscious Coliving has released a community facilitation handbook, an insightful guide into building healthy communities that flourish through harmonious coliving, smooth conflict resolution, and satisfied residents.

According to announcements released by Conscious Coliving and Naima Ritter Figueres, the community facilitation handbook released by this coliving spaces consultancy based on 2020 coliving research, presents a detailed roadmap for building and sustaining thriving coliving communities and the vital role of a community facilitator in achieving these objectives. 

An experienced and sensitive community facilitator can play an important role in ensuring the health of both upcoming and established communities. Optimistic and affirmative actions by a facilitator at different stages in the life of a coliving community can contribute to the conscious decision-making by the coliving facility’s management as well as its residents. 

Onboarding residents in a receptive manner, a key stage of successful community building, lets them experience the vibes they’re hoping to feel go a long way in helping residents settle down, feel safe and connected, make friends, and strike roots. 

Facilitators play a vital part in building a community by empowering residents to accept ownership and accountability for their actions that directly affect the well-being of the community and its healthy growth. The handbook released by Conscious Coliving elaborates on how facilitators can initiate and sustain participation by the residents in a coliving space. 

Facilitators educate and sensitize residents and managers about the appropriate steps to take for resolving conflicts. 

The community facilitation handbook is a rich resource of actionable research and insights for anyone who wishes to succeed at this job. One can gain valuable information about the soft skills required, the hard skills essential for getting work done, and much more. 

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Naima Ritter Figueres of Conscious Coliving said, “We define the role of the Community Facilitator as a person responsible for community building by facilitating group interactions, open communication and bridging the gap between community needs and operational processes. Their ultimate goal is to support the emergence and maintenance of community by enabling residents to foster authentic connection, fulfill their individual needs and catalyze collective engagement.”

On the essential attributes of a successfully facilitated community, Figueres said, “The root of a healthy community is its shared values and how those values are expressed, communicated, and acted upon amongst its members. Coliving spaces with members that share an intention to live more sustainably, for instance, often experience more robust community engagement than spaces without a shared goal.” 

The term psychological safety refers to a “shared belief held by members of a team that the team is safe for interpersonal risk taking.” This notion of risk-taking and the feeling of support from others is crucial to thriving communities. By creating environments built on trust, coliving developers, investors, and operators can ensure that residents will engage with one another meaningfully and authentically.  

“Regular engagement and collaboration are the keys to any thriving community or organization. Coliving communities with weekly sponsored dinners or other shared weekly activity, for instance, tend to nurture strong communal ties necessary for a successful community.”

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Conscious Coliving offers expert consultation for the building of connected and conscious communities. It guides owners and operators in the development of a sustainable financial model. It is involved in setting up a coliving space, from conducting feasibility studies and coliving specific research to helping with initiating and maintaining operations to enhance the brand value.

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