Lessons Learned from the Financial industry on Pandemic Planning

February 18 04:00 2021

Alpharetta, GA – February 17, 2021 – With new health measures like facemasks in place, physical security can get tricky when you are trying to distinguish a bank robber from a loyal customer. You may need an ambassador at the front door to instruct visitors to briefly remove their masks and look up at the cameras before entering, for example.

Safe Systems, a national provider of technology, compliance, and security services to community banks and credit unions, has identified best practices like this by aggregating feedback from their customers and then summarizing the insights into one concise white paper called, “Best Practices for Navigating the Coronavirus Pandemic.”

It covers everything from lobby modifications which provide a safer space for employees and customers to guidance on changing regulations, helping your institution maintain compliance and vetting remote access vendors, allowing business operations to continue effectively.

“For many financial institutions, remote access was limited before the pandemic because this technology either didn’t support critical functions or wasn’t a priority at the time. Now, remote access is very important to continue business operations efficiently, and many community banks and credit unions are evaluating options for larger-scale use. To do this effectively, you first need to consider all the risks associated with remote access and the potential impact on your organization,” said Safe Systems Chief Technology Officer Brendan McGowan.

Many smaller institutions don’t have access to top-notch educational resources developed from a broader national perspective. Banking personnel from across the country have already utilized these resources to help them more effectively do their jobs during the pandemic, including a handy checklist with recommendations for physical adjustments to the facility, changes to policies and procedures, and other considerations you can make to secure your workforce and your customers.

Taking steps as simple and relatively inexpensive as installing HVAC Air Purifiers will make customers and employees feel safer. Other tactics might include reconfiguring the lobby, removing common areas to create more space for separation, having a dedicated entry to reduce congestion, administering health checks at the door, and providing hand sanitizing stations and face masks.

From a branding standpoint, the fact that your bank or credit union is proactively taking steps to boost safety is now a value proposition and competitive differentiator.

This new white paper from Safe Systems is designed for community banking leaders who need more information on how to navigate the pandemic in a structured, disciplined, and creative way. It is the definitive resource for pandemic planning at community banks.

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