JJSPY Parent Control App Allows Tracking and Monitoring Of Children and Employee Activities

February 19 12:50 2021
Parents will find it easier to protect their kids while employers will be able to instill discipline to increase productivity. The app comes with powerful features and it’s very affordable

Internet and social media are powerful and positive communication tools. But without control, they can lead to serious problems, especially for kids and teens. To help parents take control of the activities of kids on the internet, a tech company introduces the JJSPY parental control app.  

The powerful cell phone tracker solution allows parents to remotely monitor their children’s cellphone activities, in real-time. It’s also useful for employers, who need to monitor the activities of their employees, to ensure maximum productivity.  

JJSPY parent control app makes it easier for parents to protect their children against online predators, internet bullies, and other internet hazards, 24/7.  

It only takes three steps to start monitoring. Buy the JJSPY app, install it on the target phone, and start tracking and monitoring calls, GPS location, apps, and other activities.  

To purchase the app, please visit here.  

Kids’ safety in the modern age of the internet is a serious issue that parents need to pay attention to. Statistics show that 70% of kids encounter sexual and violent content online, even while doing research for their homework. It’s practically impossible for parents to manually monitor everything their kids are doing on their mobile phones. But with a tracking app like JJSPY, parents have the power to take control and keep their kids safe. The app also allows employers supervise employees, with very little investment of time and effort.  

JJSPY parent control app has very powerful features that users are going to find exciting. It gives access to Call Logs so users can easily check the Call Logs of their kids and employees. The GPS Tracker allows users to know the location of their target at all times, while the live cameras feature allows spying on surroundings to get visuals of activities. The Live Screen makes it possible for users to view their kid’s phone screen in real-time. It’s also capable of monitoring text messages and IM messages.  

With the JJSPY parent control app, parents and employers can also monitor browser history, activities on other mobile apps on the phone, and watch, listen to, and download videos, photos, and audios.  

The app is compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones, and doesn’t need jailbreak or rooting to work. The installation process is very simple and can be done by anyone who is familiar with mobile applications. 

For more information, please visit https://www.jjspy.com.  

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