Jerzy Roginski and Parabolic Moves Entertainment to Leave a Lifelong Global Impact Through the Power of Music

April 14 01:18 2021
Jerzy Roginski and Parabolic Moves Entertainment to Leave a Lifelong Global Impact Through the Power of Music

For Jerzy Roginski Jr. of Parabolic Moves Entertainment, the essence of music goes beyond entertainment. It is a powerful tool that should be used to leave a lifelong, global impact. “Music is bigger than me. Most artists are in it for fame, girls, money, and validation. I am not like that. I want to be an artist who will bring people together through my music,” says rising music sensation. He continues to say, “I want to be in an influential position to be able to address world problems we face such as poverty, segregation, climate change, and violence. This is the reason I started music in the first place, to show others that anything is possible.” Today, he uses his music to bring his vision forward.

Jerzy Roginski Jr. is a professional disc jockey and music artist rising in the music industry today. He is the CEO of Parabolic Moves Entertainment, an emerging artist management company he co-founded alongside Salo Sion. Together, they formed a goal of coaching and mentoring other artists while surrounding them with a genuine music team. “The motto of our company is “setting artists free eternally.” We really want to build a family and not just be all about business,” explains DJ Jerzy. 

Officially established only six months ago, Parabolic Moves Entertainment began as an idea of bringing good music to the public. But even before this venture, Jerzy Roginski Jr. had already established himself as an artist with a massive SoundCloud following that has accumulated over five million streams. He has earned a verification badge, which has placed him in the top 5% of artists worldwide. Moreover, he has also been signed to a major label for the release of his hit track “Remember” with HEXAGON and FRESHSQUEEZE. 

Today, DJ Jerzy Roginski Jr. prides himself on spearheading Parabolic Moves Entertainment as its CEO. The work ethic of this music powerhouse is relentless and unmatched. It is impressive how it has achieved several milestones in only six months, and the company has no plan of slowing down. With intelligent and diligent efforts, it is only a matter of time before this artist management hub catapults to global success. 

What separates Jerzy Roginski Jr. and Parabolic Moves Entertainment from the rest is their profound understanding of the struggles before becoming successful in the music industry. From this, the team has made it their mission to make it easy for all music visionaries to achieve artistic freedom. From shows and music festivals in the works today, Jerzy hopes for the company to spread positivity and inspiration through music. “We believe in the good of humankind, and we really want to make a difference. If we are not here for each other, then what are we here for?” he says.

Indeed, DJ Jerzy Roginski Jr. is a force to be reckoned with in the music scene. Alongside Parabolic Moves Entertainment, the music sensation hopes to make an impact on a global scale through the power of catchy beats, creative wordplay, and overall, good music. 

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