100% Bamboo Sheets Firm Launched By Brisbane Eco-Friendly Bedding Company YoHome

June 16 19:21 2021
Environmentally friendly and fast-growing bamboo is the latest option for organic sheets. The bedding is eco-friendly and is made from 100% organic bamboo.

YoHome and Damien Young are pleased to announce that they have released a selection of eco-friendly bed linen and bamboo sheets made from 100 percent organic bamboo. YoHome is based in Brisbane and has a store outlet there, but it also is active online. The Brisbane location allows those uncertain about the quality and feel of the eco-friendly products to see for themselves how they can obtain the natural bedding experience.

YoHome offers bamboo bedding in their eCommerce store, as well as bamboo bathroom towels and nursery bamboo bedding. The bedding is made from 100 percent organic bamboo. The product range includes bedding for babies, youngsters and adults and includes sheets, doona covers, pillow, quilts, and bamboo quilt coverstyles, as well as bamboo towels and clothing.  The clothing is perfect for activities ranging from travelling to lounging to workouts. 

Further information about the company is available at https://www.yohome.com.au/

“Because the products carry OEKO-TEX 100 certification,” says Damien Young, “you will have the peace-of-mind that comes with choosing bamboo fabric for youngsters and babies. Even those who have hypersensitive skin will be soothed by the gentle touch of bamboo.  Our bamboo product range is gentle on the environment and soft on your skin. You will soon learn just how good bamboo can make you feel, inside and out.”

The bamboo sheets Australia environment-friendly product line comes from the most rapidly growing plant throughout the world. In only eight weeks, it can attain a height of as much as 75 feet. Bamboo requires significantly less water than other plants such as trees or cotton, and it does not need pesticides, making it easy to grow while also being quite gentle on the environment. A grove of bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than an equivalently sized stand of trees.

About the Company:

YoHome offers a line of environmentally friendly bamboo bedding and bamboo towels online and in its Brisbane outlet. As a sustainable product that benefits the environment, bamboo is being utilized for a growing number of products. The Australian company focuses on bamboo fabrics and cares about the environment.

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