Market Differentiation, Moore Gold Ushered in a Rising Opportunity

June 21 17:42 2021

Moore Gold products are currently divided into three categories: Gold and Silver jewellery, Gold and Silver gifts, Gold and Silver investment. Combined with offline high-quality supply chain resources, direct source, avoiding price increases, allowing consumers to buy cheaper gold and silver goods.

Isn’t gold just the perfect material for jewelry? It has the shimmer that every girl loves. It is a metal and at the same time it is flexible and can be made into just anything you want. It always stays strong. Considering the qualities that gold exhibits, it is only right for the ladies to go all gaga over it. Apart from the fact that the metal dazzles, it is also worshipped in our country. There are even some days which are considered to be very auspicious for purchasing gold like Akshaya Tritiya, Dhanteras, Gudi Padwa, Pushyanakshatra, Gurupushyamrit, Lakshmi Pujan, Diwali and Bhai Duj.

The love for Gold can be understood by the very look of the brides from Hyderabad who love to flaunt wide gold necklaces and big earrings, the way it was worn by Mughals. A bride from Kerela is mostly covered with gold that the upper part of her dress is barely visible. A Garhwali bride’s golden nath is almost the size of her face and the gold which symbolises purity is used for signifying the virginity of the bride. It shows the traditional as well as religious significance given to gold in marriage ceremonies which is considered to be the biggest event in a woman’s life. In fact, each piece of gold jewelry a woman wears is not just a precious metal, but has a precious emotion attached.

Before the time the British invaded our beautiful country, it was called the Golden Bird. Not only did we have abundance of gold in our divine land, we also had people with hearts of gold.

And that is one thing that has not changed. So from the ancient times, we have always had gold in our daily lives. The coins were made of gold. Kings and queens were all found of gold and they had their dresses and jewelry all customised. It was not only a sign of richness, but it was also a sign of purity and happiness. And that is the reason that gifting a gold coin for good luck is still a custom in our country.

Tradition is what we value the most. Our mothers always have an emotional story related to each single piece of gold jewelry they own. The one huge heavy necklace she is so proud of is what her mother gave to her on her big day, and it is the same set that, her mother gave it to her, and the list is endless. That one beautiful piece of gold has been in the family for generations. The bottom line is, it not gold- it is an emotion that every Indian family is proud of.

Our parents have always taught us to value money and gold. And for any one of us who dreams of being the proud owner of a family legacy, it is easy to imagine why ladies go crazy over gold. It just seems like the right thing to do.

Gold is her confidence and it feels right to be crazy about it. Every woman has her inhibitions, something that she is scared of. There are times when everyone has to face their fears. And at times like these, she doesn’t want to break. Apart from the people who love and support her, there is always that one shiny thing in her closet reserved for moments like these.

About the company: Moore Gold Shouldering the brand mission of “More gold for you”, with gold and silver products as the core, we create a “high-quality, new fashion” lifestyle for modern people. Encourage everyone to be brave in pursuing the goods, showing the world a beautiful and lovely, fashionable, and sincere brand.

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