Medicinal Psychedelics Sector Heats Up As California Senate Passes SB519, Global Trac Solutions’ “Psychedelic Spotlight” Sees Record Growth (OTCMKTS: PSYC)

July 22 07:12 2021

Psychedelic Spotlight, Global Trac Solutions, Inc’s (OTCMKTS: PSYC) new all-inclusive platform for the medicinal psychedelic industry, is experiencing substantial growth as interest in the medicinal psychedelics industry gains momentum. Better still, with the government looking into decriminalizing medicinal psychedelics, not only is the sector booming, but PSYC stock may follow. The moves in both come as more people are realizing how psychedelic treatments can benefit patients with numerous conditions, which is increasingly valuable as our society faces more mental health dilemmas. The political climate is changing as well.

Recently, PSYC CEO David Flores published an exclusive interview with California senator Scott Wiener that gives potential marketing momentum to the industry. Earlier this year, Senator Wiener introduced Senate Bill 519 which, if passed, would decriminalize possession of psychedelic substances within the state of California. This bill would equally benefit the medicinal psychedelics industry as well as patients in need of alternative care because it would open up new market opportunities. And while there’s no guarantee SB 519 will pass through the California Assembly, its passing through the Senate proves that the industry is rapidly expanding, and people are watching its budding success. That’s excellent news for PSYC in the near and long term.

In fact, whether or not the final bill passes, there’s no doubting Psychedelic Spotlight’s leading role in providing its users the most up-to-date information about the industry. Better still, their timely and accurate information is helping to break down a decades-long prohibition of psychedelic use. Even better, the site is user friendly, presenting an extensive range of information appealing to readers of all backgrounds and brings everyone to the same understanding of what’s going on behind the scenes. And with the public offered a transparent source of information, PSYC beleives it can help usher in an easier path toward mainstream adoption.

By bringing information to the table through Psychedelic Spotlight, PSYC is delivering on the first step of that mission.

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Legal Processes Encourage Acceptance of New Treatments

Keep in mind, the medicinal psychedelic market isn’t an avenue for abuse. Moreover, decriminalizing psychedelic/hallucinogenic compounds doesn’t mean they’d be freely available for anyone to sell or use with no repercussions. Instead, SB 519 only allows for noncommercial personal use of psychedelics within the state of California, including use at group healing treatments, but this would still be a major chip away at the national stigma surrounding psychedelics. Nationally, the concern of unsafe manufacturing and suspicious transportation of psychedelic substances is slowly calming down as the FDA warms toward selective approvals and regulated treatment.

In fact, many think the path of medicinal psychedelics can follow that of CBD and cannabis, which in the past five years has experience extraordinary market pentration. That comes as CBD continues to prove its worth to treat numerous medical conditions. It would’ve seemed outlandish to say that in just a decade of progress, CBD treatments have filled shelves to aid patients with anxiety, depression, and even chronic pain. Their use is also breaking up the War on Drugs which created a seemingly irreversible stigma surrounding marijuana and psychedelic compounds. In fact, the “war” completly ignored the medical benefits. However, that’s changed. And research is changing the minds of many by presenting the benefits these compounds can have. Already, new medications for mental health issues and physical pain using these all-natural substances is gaining phenominal traction. Many medical professionals even go as far as saying that CBD and psychedelics can be a safe and effective way of treating certain medical conditions.

The great news for those following the industry is that Psychedelic Spotlight is the one-stop platform for readers to stay up to date on new information right as it’s released. One thing that’s for sure is that the medicinal psychedelics industry has a bright future with the potential to mirror that of CBD. Thus, keeping up with the inside scoop of all things psychedelics will give investors the upper hand on all new innovations as they happen. Therin lay the value proposition for PSYC stock.

Connections Across Platforms Boost Interaction

And its growth will come as more research is conducted into how hallucinogenic and psychedelic compounds can benefit patients. Moreover, its Psychedelic Spotlight helpsto take away the uncertainty of investing in this emerging industry and focuses on direct evidence to deliver to readers transparent information about sector developments. The platform’s news covers events in business, culture, research, treatments, and policy, asserting its leadership as a fully comprehensive resource.

Better still, with quick, accessible information distributed across its comprehensive website, Psychedelic Spotlight touches base with every audience. Investors, patients, researchers, and even recreational users now have access to that address a variety of needs and interests. Additionally, the website features a glossary of important terms used within the industry in order to boost general understanding of advancements. Indeed, the platform is incredibly valuable to anyone wanting knowledge and insight into the industry, which is yet another reason for its surging user growth. In fact, user interest has grown by more than 25% since June.

Further, PSYC has also formed mutually beneficial partnerships and investments with other research platforms, The Conscious Fund and PsycheDev Inc. These partnerships put PSYC closer to the industry action. Moreover, for people who follow each platform separately, they will have access to double, or even triple the information they would have before the partnerships. Thus, everyone involved benefit from a larger audience.

Partnerships And Investments Drive Value

The company’s partnership with The Conscious Fund helps highlight key research being conducted within the medicinal psychedelics industry. Both platforms have a strong focus on building strong portfolios that showcase influential data in the industry. More specifically focused, The Conscious Fund aims to educate about the benefits of derivatives from ketamine, mushrooms, and MDMA. Psychedelic Spotlight and The Conscious Fund’s cooperation will only boost the availability of important discoveries across both platforms.

PSYC also has a 15% stake in PsycheDev to advance its financial interests in the sector. By the way, PSYC announced last week its intention to take an additional 5% stake into that company. That traslates to value for PSYC. Moreover, the interest also helps Psychedelic Spotlight build a bigger presence in the sector, while calling attention to key virtues these treatments have potential to enhance. Focusing on mindfulness and healthy intentions in both work and life are great habits to develop, and PSYC’s collaboration with PsycheDev is intending to expand these beliefs and benefits. Better still, Psychedelic Spotlight’s interest in both companies helps add to its already massive value-building momentum and encourages more interaction with its growing platform.

These partnerships, and any more to come, also leverage a growing interest in the industry. Moreover, as the best-in-class source of information, Psychedelic Spotlight’s substantial outreach could be a catalyst for sector growth. Again, that benefits bot webnsite users and PSYC shareholders.

Psychedelic Spotlight Brings Comprehensive Information to One Place

Indeed, in today’s social environment, having access to a wider range of safe and effective medical treatments is more important than ever. That’s especially with a new generation of people demanding eco-friendly, organic, and all-natural products. Those demands expend to medicines as well.

And with a large percentage of adults struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety, PTSD, and depression, it’s more important than ever to find new ways to improve people’s quality of life without relying on chemically-filled pharmecutical drugs. That’s especially important to Psychedelic Spotlight, which is taking the initiative to clear up misconceptions and ambiguous information in the medicinal psychedelics industry. Moreover, they could be driving scientific interest as research shows the beneficial effects from psychedelic compounds like psilocybin and MDMA when used with care. Better still from a patients perspective, even state laws are changing to reflect these advancements.

In fact, with California’s State Assembly reviewing SB 519, which would decriminalize possession of psychedelic substances for personal use, it’s clear the perception around psychedelic drug use is changing. Of course, these treatments don’t parallel that of the psychedelic 60s, but are more progressive in the sense that there’s information supporting its use for clinical indications. Still, if SB 519 passes, it could spark national change as other states adopt similar legislation. The most excellent news there beyond the benefit to patients is that Psychedelic Spotlight’s positionas the go-to source in the industry could surge and cement its postion as the leading source of everything psychedelic. That trend is already happening.

Thus, investors may be wise to position in PSYC ahead of this mushrooming industry. After all, there’s not many other, if any, direct vehicles of investment into the sector. And if medicinal psychedelics does grab traction similar to CBD, retunrs can be exponential.


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