MemeBank – A Web3 Crypto Exchange Ready to Kick-off

April 03 04:06 2022

MemeBank, a cryptocurrency exchange, is aiming to launch its airdrop event in early April, 2022. The airdrop comes with a generous giveaway of its governance token ($MBK) as well as free bitcoin.

Younger generations are more open to new concepts and investment opportunities. According to a 2021 poll, 94% of the crypto holders are millennials and zoomers, and more than half of them have high conviction on the growth potentials of their investment targets. Young retail investors are more eager to publicly share their investment results and speculations. As of now, millennial investors trade on Binance but share their “loss porn” on reddit. In other words, they can’t trade and socialize simultaneously on the same platform.

MemeBank is a Web3 cryptocurrency exchange tailored to the preference of young investors, the platform introduces a variety of features that are yet to be found at existing mainstream exchanges. Take socialization as an example, every token listed on MemeBank has its own live chat where users can share their opinions about the project. Users can make comments and share screenshots whereas project leaders and KOLs can host live streams and upload introduction videos. On top of that, MemeBank releases a seasonal leaderboard to rank every user based on their win-rates, according to one of the co-founders, assigning win-rate to every user will help make sure that “the best investor is always the loudest”. User win-rate is calculated based on his/her votes of conviction and seasonal investment return.

MemeBank believes in the democratization of finance, the exchange charges zero listing fee which lowers the entry bar for many startup projects. MemeBank replaces the traditional pay-to-list mechanism with vote-to-list, projects have to raise a sufficient amount of votes from their supporters in order to be listed on MemeBank. To ensure the authenticity of the votes, every eligible voter has to be a registered member who finished KYC.

Being a Web3 exchange worthy of the name, MemeBank distributes 100% of the trading fee back to the community as dividends. The holders of the platform token ($MBK) can also enjoy multiple privileges including trading fee discount.

Popularizing the trade and application of cryptocurrency is MemeBank’s top mission. MemeBank introduces a series of events to incentivize starters to trade and hold cryptos. For one, its airdrop event includes a free Bitcoin Faucet which gives away $500 USD worth of Bitcoin every hour. As a subsidiary function to the project, the faucet is designed to further reward MemeBank’s supporter base. In other words, holding $MBK and making friend referral both boost the mining speed of your bitcoin faucet.

With a slightly gamified playstyle empowered by Web3 concept, MemeBank is likely to emerge as the next blackhorse among the existing few. 

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