Currick Trading Platform is Hot beyond Its Circle, Double Gifts for Invitations is Launched

July 28 01:51 2022
Currick Trading Platform is Hot beyond Its Circle, Double Gifts for Invitations is Launched

After Currick Global investment 1td had founded the Currick trading platform, it has attracted widespread attention from blockchain enthusiasts around the world, attracting blockchain and brick and mortar industry leading figures in Australia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and other countries and regions to be involved in development.

Currick is committed to being a trustworthy, safe, stable and reputable blockchain asset trading platform, which not only provides users with safe, convenient and fair blockchain asset trading services, but also fully guarantees users’ security of transaction information and asset.

Recently, the Currick trading platform has been hot beyond its circle, it launched a new platform promotion event called Gathering with Friends, Double Gifts for Sharing and Inviting. It is reported that this event will be launched on July 25th, 2022. A boom has been set off in the blockchain field. The rules of this Currick platform activity are as follows:

1. Invite a friend to register and complete KYC during the activity period;

2. The invitee reaches 50 USDT in a single top-up during the activity period.

If you complete the above two tasks, both the inviter and the invitee will receive a 5 USDT reward.

When registering, please pay attention to whether the invitation code is displayed on the page. If there is no invitation code, you will not get the registration bonus.

There is no limit to the number of invitations and you can get more rewards if you invite more friends. Each investor can only register one corresponding trading account in real name.

During the activity period, if there are malicious acquisition of prizes, bulk registration and other cheating behaviors, Currick will implement strict verification and disqualify the participation.

Currick reserves the right to adjust or improve the terms and conditions at any time, including but not limited to suspending, extending or terminating this activity, eligibility conditions and criteria, etc. Currick will not make another announcement, please check the content of the announcement in a timely manner.

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