Zeke SEO Sets the Bar Higher by Only Offering Expert Services to Mission-Based Organizations

August 09 05:24 2022
Zeke SEO Sets the Bar Higher by Only Offering Expert Services to Mission-Based Organizations

With SEO and digital marketing being some of the strongest gears any business can have today, the strong demand for SEO and digital marketing professionals is also on a steady rise, making it easy for individuals and companies in the field to grow their revenue in no time. But Zeke SEO is taking a different approach. Beyond profit, the company has made it a mission to limit providing its expert services to organizations that want to make a difference in people’s lives across the globe.

Founded in June 2022, SEO and e-commerce development company, Zeke SEO is the second venture of former MIT student and entrepreneur Tanner Haas. Following the success of his first business Fitore Nutrition, the visionary sold the business for $2.3 million only eight months after it.

Spearheaded by such a powerhouse, Zeke SEO showed an impressive upward trajectory, sealing partnerships with high-profile companies, such as Manifest Pharmacy, telehealth disruptor Cloud9 Healthcare, and publicly traded gold mining company TRX Gold. The company has also worked with Revive Health and Aria Integrative Health. With its innovative approach to SEO and digital marketing, Zeke SEO has effectively propelled and strengthened its clients’ online presence.

“We really are going to try to separate ourselves through our customer-centric approach, our willingness to get stuff done, and really just the fact that we have been there and succeeded. It’s quite different from so many of our competitors that just don’t have experience and yet are still advising clients on what to do,” said Tanner. “I love to grow businesses. I love to work on difficult and engaging projects, and that’s what our team is built to do–get you results that grow your business faster and more efficiently than anyone else. I’ve worked with people that only responded nine to five. That’s not us; that’s not the real business world. You email, text, or call me any time of the day, and I’m available.”

On a mission to set the standards higher in the industry, the founder strived to fill Zeke SEO with some of the most seasoned professionals in the landscape, from graphic designers to content writers to website developers and more. So whether their clients are looking to land number one on Google or set up an application on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Zeke SEO is equipped to deliver results that consistently exceed their client’s expectations. 

“We really do it all. Any application, any project, any Key Performance Indicator (KPI), we get it done. We do, however, only partner with mission-based organizations. Companies that are truly looking to make a difference and disrupt their entire sector,” said the founder. “Revive Health created a solution that puts patients in charge of their care and at a price that everyone can afford. If you were to go look at their product offerings, it would blow you away. They’re passionate, they’re good people, and they know what they’re doing and the current pitfalls of the healthcare sector,” he added further, expounding on how one of Zeke SEO’s clients has actively impacted lives.

Tanner also shared that TRX Gold upholds some of the highest Economic, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards in the gold mining industry and how they are making incredible impacts across communities in Tanzania.

“Every company we work with not only has to be a disruptor, but they also need to be looking to make a difference,” Tanner said.

Leveraging the strengths of the digital space and only supporting companies that are actively making a difference, Zeke SEO is truly playing a significant role in crafting a better world for everyone. 

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