Dr. Lee McBryde Nesbitt Started A Global Space For Women

September 20 07:54 2022

Dr. Lee McBryde Nesbitt initiated a global space for women trying to make a legacy.

Dr. Lee McBryde Nesbitt, author of “Prayers for the heroine battle buddy”, developed a global space for conscious women. She is also a certified coach, educator, and doctor from the United States of America.

This tribe is a movement that brings together like-minded women who are creating a legacy by trying to make money off of their intelligence, magnifying their impact, and manifesting their gifts.

They work together and support one another as they ascend. These women work to leave a lasting legacy, increase prosperity, and transform the world by growing their sense of purpose, mission-driven entrepreneurship, and social & emotional wellbeing.

The achievements they have attained are what make them pioneers because they were unimaginable fifty years ago. Over the next fifty years, they have the superpowers to increase the importance of the planet. This tribe is for individuals who dare to answer the call to leave a lasting legacy.

This tribe promises to create a secure environment where people may come together to combine the attitude, abilities, plans, and tribe-driven work necessary to develop experiences, endeavours, and entrepreneurship to manifest legacy.

Dr.Lee McBryde-Nesbitt said, “Assimilation, application, and imperfect action are what tribe is all about. We applaud getting stuck and moving past it because it fosters development. We encourage success and enjoy creating a lasting legacy through our efforts in this area. Most of us did not have a silver spoon when we were born, and we earned all we have, which is why we are pioneers”.

Be part of the tribe at A Legacy Building Tribe For Smart Conscious Women

About Dr.Lee McBryde Nesbitt:

Dr.Lee McBryde Nesbitt is a certified coach, educator, and doctor. She developed a global space for intelligent and conscious women.

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