What is Dress Show (DS)? A Web3 lifestyle app with Game-Fi and Social-Fi

September 20 18:06 2022

To celebrate the listing of our token $DSon PancakeSwap on sept 16, for this great news we are going to arrange a giveaway for our supporting community.

We’ll randomly pick 30% participants and give 100 DS Token per person. To enter make sure to follow, retweet, like and tag 3 friends on this tweet: https://twitter.com/DressShow_/status/1570714409412218884?s=20&t=CYSosa97LNkeNzAI5Qjq6g

Dress show Explained :

Dress Show, the dressing game platform based on Binance Smart Chain, introduces the classic gameplay in traditional dressing games into the crypto world and integrates NFT & Defi to develop a more fair, friendly and sustainable game mechanism. The gameplay includes open mystery box, dress up, Show Time, mining with holding NFT, etc. Users can permanently collect or trade their favorite NFT cards.

Play games are mining. Any game activity of the player will be regarded as a contribution to the entire ecology, and will be rewarded with airdrop from the platform in the future. Ordinary players can purchase the exclusive digital assets of games on the platform by recharging DS, and can manage the digital assets of the game currently owned in the platform wallet, including the currency of each game (fungible), skins and equipment (non fungible), etc.

The DS team has many years of experience in blockchain and the Internet. The founder of the Dress Show team, Alvin, master degress in finance at the University of Maryland. He has deep insights into the traditional Internet and the crypto. He is inspired to integrate traditional dress-up games into the blockchain and believe DS will bring a new direction to NFT+ games.

How does Dress Show work?

1.Sign up and get your own character(male/female)

2.Use DS to buy mystery box to get decoration to dress up your character.

3.Use DS to buy different kinds of futons to start your meditation journey.

4.Meditate to earn Game Token and energy value.

5.The higher the energy value, the higher your game level which can provide you higher equity of the game.

6.For every 9 times of meditation, users can use part of the DS tokens in the account to draw plane tickets, such as round-trip air tickets to Nepal, the holy place of Buddhism.

7.Invite your friends to sign up to get Game Token rewards.

What makes Dress Show unique?

1.The hot dress-up to meditate theme game in the market, 100 kinds of matching, let you meet your exclusive experience of meditation.

2.Increase the fun of the dress-up process, you never know whether the mystery box is a cassock or bikini.

3.Meditate to earn Game Token, different props can bring different effect on token making.

4.By spending DS token to buy mystery boxes, 5% of DS will be permanently destroyed.

5.Dualtoken economic model to keep governance token in a more stable state.

What is the Dress Show coin used for?

Dress Show will adopt a dualtoken economy, and BEP20 token DS will be used as a pre- circulation token to log on to the exchange and circulation platform for blind boxes purchase, participation in subsequent platform application scenarios. Blind boxes can only be purchased through DS tokens issued in the early stage. Different base prices will be set up according to the unique attributes of decorations.The decorations obtained by the user opening the blind box can be directly decorated, collected, or participated in the secondary market transaction.

How to make money with Dress Show by Meditation?

Open the mystery box, get decorations, dress up your character to meditate.

After opening the blind box, the user can start the “meditate-to-earn” by purchasing a futon.There’s golden futon, silver futon, rose futon, orange futon, mint futon and ordinary futon. Users can meditate for at most 15 minutes a day, but if you hold more than one futon, you can meditate more than one time a day, but the interval between each time is more than 45 minutes. After 7 days of meditation, you can withdraw tokens, and you can withdraw 10% of the total balance of the account at one time; after 21 days of meditation, you can withdraw 20% at one time; after 66 days of meditation, you can withdraw 50% at one time; after 99 days of meditation , you can withdraw 80% at one time. At the end of the game, 100% of the tokens can be withdrawn, and the NFT that has not been transferred out is completely destroyed.

For further information, you can visit http://nftdress.show

If you want to join our community:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DressShow_

Telegram: https://t.me/DressShowGlobalCommunity

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