Shenice Bryant, The Business Credit CEO, Offers Her Funding Expertise to Help Entrepreneurs Grow

September 23 18:33 2022
Shenice Bryant is on a mission to help entrepreneurs secure funding for their businesses.

Shenice Bryant, a.k.a Shibivia, the Business Credit CEO and the founder of The Shenice Bryant Consulting Ltd. Co., is making great strides in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners turn their passion projects into a wealth-building reality. By leveraging her expertise, Shenice enables her clients to build a strong business foundation that is well-positioned to attract the right investors and the next great opportunity.

“We are helping business owners build solid business credit profiles that signal to economic partners that it is safe and lucrative to do business with them,” says Shenice.

She focuses on educating her clients on how to establish and use their business credit to their advantage. She talks about the most common mistakes that keep entrepreneurs from getting funding and offers multiple resources that lead to a robust history of positive credit in under 90 days.

Through her step-by-step guidance and innovative solutions, hundreds of startups were able to secure the funding they needed to achieve their business goals. In the past two months alone (July-August), Shenice has helped her clients secure a total of $331,600 in funding.

Good business credit is the lifeline of successful and sustainable businesses. When entrepreneurs take the necessary steps to build their credit, they can access opportunities for business expansion and long-term growth.

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