Fabrics Trades’s Sustainable Business Models Leverages on Recycled Raw Materials

October 05 18:16 2022

When it comes to eco friendly textiles manufacturing, then no other company comes close to Fabrics Trades. The company has managed to increasingly roll out new fabrics despite the global crunch in the industry. The secret is in Fabrics Trades’s sustainable business models that leverages on recycled raw materials to create stunning fabrics ranging from stretch fabrics to custom made Chiffon fabrics.

Why Sustainable Eco-Friendly Fabrics Are Winning

Waste fabrics have largely contributed to environmental degradation and many companies have not managed to find a way for sustainability and instead opt to flood global markets with cheaper, second hand fabrics. The economics of using recycled raw materials requires a delicate balance that not many companies have successfully managed. However, Fabrics Trades has found a way to increase profitability and sustainability by using recycled raw materials to create their stunning range of products.

By manufacturing and exporting fabrics, Fabrics Trades has managed to cut out the middle man and this direct interaction with the markets allows the company to pivot and change processes when and where necessary to meet consumer needs. This allows Fabrics Trades to customize fabrics to meet diverse market needs, thereby ensuring its sustainable business model does not suffer the fate of other fabric exporters.

Meeting the Highest International Standards

Fabrics Trades meets the highest recycling standards in the world. The Global Recycling Standard (GRS) is an indication that our processes have the best social and environmental standards and therefore our customers can expect quality products made with utmost regards to environmental and social sustainability. The GRS standard adds to our Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) attainment which further demonstrates that our fabrics are wholly organic and won’t negatively impact the environment or our consumer’s health and wellbeing.

Charting the Path Forward

With our primary location at Wujiang District of Suzhou, we are at the center of global fabrics and therefore primed to be at the forefront of innovation. Wujiang is also the leading hub for innovative products and this means Fabrics Trades will continue to put innovation as a primary business process. From the organic raw materials to how the recycled raw materials are handled, our clients are assured that the finished product will be of the utmost standard in keeping with our Step by OEKO-TEX certification.

What This Means to Consumers

With global warming and environmental degradation taking center stage in the world, there is a need for more sustainable product manufacturing with positive social impact. Fabrics Trades’s consumers can expect products made with positive adherence to international best practices when it comes to our labor practices. All our workers are highly trained adults receiving above standard minimum wages and are aware of the company’s mission for eco-friendly products. We source our recycled raw materials from suitable suppliers who have international recognized standards and certifications.

In keeping with international best practices in sustainability, we also promote skill sharing in areas of environmental protection by procuring recycled plastic for our sustainable polyester fabrics. We also use plant based fibers for manufacturing nylon fibers which break down naturally in the environment, further protecting soils from bad chemicals.

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