Millennials Works creates new content by connecting virtual characters with global brands

November 18 23:33 2022
Millennials Works creates new content by connecting virtual characters with global brands

Millennials Works is carrying out various ways of virtual character marketing by creating a new trend in the commerce industry through collaborations between characters and brands around the world.

Millennials Works is actively working to create another profit structure for characters by going beyond the existing characters featured in webtoons and TV cartoons, and allowing them to communicate directly with fans through various media platforms. These characters are also expected to make appearances in live broadcasting contents, somewhat similar to that of a social media influencer.

Millennials Works conducted a real-time live commerce broadcast that communicated with customers in real-time by creating a 3D model of ‘Curu’, the main member of Korea Yakult Company’s official idol group, High-Five. Through character live shopping broadcasting, it has received the attention of the public and numerous companies. The brand’s 3D characters communicated with the general public, actively communicating with the viewers’ comments, and eliciting good responses. The viewers showed a lot of support and showed extremely positive responses. During the live show, Curu showed off his dance skills and actively communicated with fans in real-time, conveying the company’s appeal in a friendly manner. As a result, the live shopping broadcast was able to instill a positive image of the company, and the new attempt set an impressive example for other companies.

Many people wait with anticipation for Millennials Works’ own IP, “Hi-Mandy,” which is currently in the post-production process. “Hi-Mandy” will be serialized in a total of 10 episodes under the ESG theme, and will be uploaded sequentially in multiple languages through its official YouTube channel. The main character of “Hi-Mandy” is a virtual character from the metaverse world of a clean environment. “Hi-Mandy”’s episodes overlook Mandy’s interesting real-life encounters with children living on Earth and helping them protect Earth’s environment. Recently, the topic of environmental protection, which is also referred to as ‘the duty of modern people’, is presented as fun virtual character content, drawing more attention as it is a social content that is also educational for children.

Song Eu-Sang, CEO of Millennial Works, states, “Beyond existing character marketing strategies, we plan to focus on clearly redefining the concept of the world view that can be commercialized in collaboration with writers of various types of characters (webtoons, emoticons, digital cartoons, game characters, etc.), matching brands to characters, and conducting character marketing projects in earnest.”

Millennials Works’ “Meta Character” character matching platform launched this October. Meta Character allows users to view various character information from around the world and to create secondary content by selecting a character. Metacharacter’s services are available to not only brands but also general YouTubers and creators, so that they can easily collaborate with characters.



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