Trash Can Safe – A First-Of-Its-Kind Service Provider Expanding Into Several Areas And Assisting People In Getting Rid Of Waste While Making Garbage Pick-Up Stress-Free

November 21 15:21 2022

The company provides top-notch garbage pickup services to facilitate people around the state.

Founded by Paulo Sousa, Trash Can Safe is regarded as a first-of-its-kind service provider, making garbage pick-up stress-free for people. The company was created to help people get rid of the weekly worry of putting the trash can on the sidewalk, making their lives easier. The company has gained credibility for launching a new concept while offering top-notch services and is planning to expand the business in the surrounding cities of Natick in early 2023.

To remove the hassle of city garbage pickup, Trash Can Safe visits residential and commercial areas the evening before city garbage pickup, moving waste bins to the curb for collection the following day. At no additional charge, the company’s team will return the empty bins to their designated location after garbage collection. As a high-end service provider, the company has made several people feel at ease without worrying about placing their trash bins weekly at the curb.            

“I remember getting out of my comfy bed during cold days to move my garbage cans for curbside pickup. It was stressful knowing that if I forgot to move them, I would have to wait two weeks for the garbage to be collected. Now, this worry is over, relax, and we’ll do the work for you. We help make garbage pick-up stress-free. No more waking up early to move garbage bins to the curb. Our team takes care of this for you and will even move bins back to their designated area after pick up,” says Paulo Sousa, the founder of Trash Can Safe. 

Beginning at just $5.00 per week, Trash Can Safe provides garbage and waste removal services at affordable rates. The company’s friendly and experienced crew has earned people’s trust by taking care of everything and giving them a safe space to enjoy their time without having the hassle of eliminating the garbage. 

Moreover, by providing high-end services, the company helps people and contributes to keeping the environment and community clean and healthy. With Trash Can Safe, people no longer have to worry about returning home from a long day and going through the hassle of removing the garbage bins and taking them to the curb. In addition, the company ensures to prevent the severe incidents caused by the wind throwing cans on the road leading to accidents. Trash Can Safe helps to prevent these accidents by putting the cans back in a designated area just after the city collection.

The owner adds, “We understand life gets busy, and that can affect our customers’ time with their families and doing the things they love. Our service eliminates stress around weekly garbage pickup and gives customers time to focus on what truly matters in their lives.”

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About The Company:

Trash Can Safe is a trusted company created to help people eliminate garbage and make their lives easier and stress-free.

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