Heel Pain Specialist In San Jose, California, Shares What Helps Eliminate Foot Pain

November 21 18:16 2022

After the back, foot pain is the worst type of muscle pain. The feet and back are used virtually all the time.

There are plenty of different ways people can have foot pain. Injuries are the most common, but other issues can lead to pain as well. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common.

“The fascia is the tough, fibrous tissue that runs across the bottom of the foot. People with plantar fasciitis report it feels like there is a pebble under their heel. This makes walking difficult and painful,” said Scott Lamb, speaking about plantar fasciitis treatment in San Jose, California.

Treatment for plantar fasciitis is fairly straightforward. Lamb performs a full body check on the client to assess for any potential issues that may have an effect on the plantar fasciitis. Then he gives the client exercises and recommendations to treat the condition.

“Stretching is the most common way to relieve pressure, but this is a temporary fix for many. Surgical intervention can be a solution, but I try to avoid this at costs. Most of my clients who follow my suggestions, do the exercises and make the changes for their foot health, see results,” continued Lamb.

Lamb recommends quality foot inserts to help with the condition. While this might not be perceived as part of plantar fasciitis treatment in San Jose by some people at first – simply because it sounds too simple of a solution, this is, in fact, once of the most effective ways to treat the condition and start feeling better. It is important to purchase decent inserts. The bit of extra money for a quality insert will make a big difference in foot comfort and health.

Lamb is a foot pain treatment specialist in San Jose, California. His treatments and techniques help people from all walks of life and ages. More information about his services and care is on the website. Go to www.matsanjose.com for details or to schedule an appointment.

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