To build the ultimate joined-up crypto business, ALN products and services offered by ALN Foundation

November 22 03:42 2022
ALN Foundation is a licensed, authorized, and regulated platform business that redefines crypto offering a convincing and joined-up, ‘plug and play way to deal with digital assets.

ALN Foundation presents ALN products and services to build the ultimate joined-up crypto business and helps to scale up the business continuously. Complex machine learning technology will be offset with a simple ‘plug-and-play user interface.

ALN Trader (Machine Learning Trading Platform)-The trading platform accessible in the works area is a leading edge, technically progressed exchanging platform utilizing machine learning integrated software competencies to provide ALN users with great, secure, efficient trading encounters. 


ALN Token-ALN Token is a utility token accessible on centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges forged through super-smart tokenomics produced for a long-tail business model.

ALN Trader Mobile (Machine Learning Mobile Trading Apps)-is a mobile version of the desktop-based platform provided by ALN.

ALN Mobile Crypto Wallet-The ALN Wallet is a cross-chain mobile crypto wallet for purchasing, trading, and storing digital money accessible on IOS. ALN also has a FIAT to digital currency gateway which allows the users to buy cryptocurrencies +ALN Tokens with a credit or debit card as well.

ALN Investment Fund-The ALN platform has two investment funds that follow different but free procedures as well. The ALN organization has exchanged in excess of $100m in trading volume.

ALN Fund Management Assurance-The licensed and authorized platform rigorously sticks to internal processes for the management of client’s digital assets. The ALN investment reserve is peer audited week by week.

ALNswap Decentralized Exchange-The ALNswap is a non-custodial decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows the user’s purchase, deal, or trade ALN Token or some other cryptocurrencies at the very lowest market charges. The staking pool & yield farm includes in this DEX.

ALN NFT Marketplace-The ALN marketplace is a cross-chain NFT marketplace for purchasing, dealing, and trading NFT’s across EW blockchains, which will upgrade the NFT trading all through the virtual resources sector. 

ALN Staking Pool-The ALN staking pool allows the users and ALN Token holders, who own their ALN Tokens, to procure the reward of 29.2%APY in ALN Tokens. The ALN rewards are accumulated every day and withdrawn together with a unique stake at any point with a 7-day withdrawal notice period as well.


About ALN Foundation: 

ALN is the trading name of ALN Global Ltd and was advertised by Ben Bedford, Alexander Gray, and Daniel Stone. All of them are highly accomplished financial specialists in their own right. The company is legally registered in the UK with a mainland European office and plans to open further offices in the Central East and Far East from 22 to 23. ALN intends to become a global leader in the crypto and blockchain space. As the investment funds and market share rapidly increased over the first three years with consistently expanding trading volume and investment performance, The ALN team chose to dedicate countless hours of the capital interest in research and development in the rapidly growing application in monetary business sectors, such as implementation of machine learning.

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