Authors of the Book ‘When We Talk, Let’s Really Talk,’ Share Their Views In An Interview With the RHG Magazine

November 22 14:06 2022
Authors of the Book ‘When We Talk, Let’s Really Talk,’ Share Their Views In An Interview With the RHG Magazine

Connect Deeper, Live Better
Manisha Gupta, Naveli Garg, and Nitya Garg highlight the core message of their book When We Talk, Let’s Really Talk in discussion with RHG Magazine.

Three individuals, Nitya Garg a high schooler, Naveli Garg a university student and a software executive and their mother Manisha Gupta, have shared their views about their recent book titled ‘When We Talk, Let’s Really Talk’. NaviNiti books, talks, and videos are created to stir conversations that nurture meaningful connections and build emotional confidence to grow, lead, or just be. Navi means new. Niti means ritual.

The book will resonate with parents, children, leaders, educators, and counselors.

“Our book is aimed at helping people connect deeper,” says Naveli Garg, one of the authors of the book. “The book inspires us to ask friends who they are and what they seek. It gives all of us a reminder to communicate with our loved ones genuinely.”

According to the authors, the feeling of belonging strengthens emotional resilience. Unfortunately, the lifestyle most people follow today makes it a challenging endeavor in the cacophony of voices, biases, and expectations. This results in the snowballing of mental health challenges.

This unique team of three has found the perfect antidote hidden within the confinement of our homes – our family. Differing perspectives highlight a family’s role in nurturing wholesome individuals and contributing to societal well-being.

When We Talk, Let’s Really Talk is a book by international best-selling authors. The book tells one story from three perspectives.

The authors offer three valuable tips to help readers take decisive steps ahead. These tips are:

1. Be intentional about connecting deeper with loved ones.

2. Create an even playing field for people to express and understand each other.

3. When You Talk, Please Really Talk – don’t just have superficial “how are you” and “I’m good” conversations. Instead, share candidly, listen intently, and value perspective over judgment.

According to the authors, NaviNiti books, talks, and videos are designed to generate meaningful conversations by making invisible topics visible.  When topics like peer pressure, clarity on goals, conflict, coexistence, and acceptances are discussed objectively they fill generational and cultural gaps and lead to the building of meaningful connections. They help build confidence for better growth.

“We try to keep our content agnostic of age, gender, geography, ethnicity, or any of the thousand things that tend to divide us,” states Manisha Gupta. “Aimed to fill your morning walks, daily commutes, mid-day waits, friend hangouts, family fun, dinner tables, and bedtime reads with insightful and delightful conversations inspired by our books and videos, we hope to create an even playing field for everyone to talk freely and respectfully.”

The authors want readers to invest their time, money, and energy in becoming self-aware and thriving in personal and professional pursuits.

The book’s core message is that society becomes better when families nurture wholesome individuals, and their environment lets them be. “My family is far from perfect,” comments Nitya Garg, “but what we do have is a sense of trust and connection built over many open, honest, and sometimes difficult conversations. I hope to have shared this journey with you through this book.”

The authors suggest that readers pick two copies of the book and read it with their friends or family. They want readers to debate, discuss the chapters as they reflect on their relations.

They must keep the conversation genuine by talking freely, listening intently, and valuing perspective over judgment. The deeper they connect, the more wholesome they all feel.

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About the Authors:

Nitya, a high schooler, strives to bring attention to complex issues shaping her generation through education, art, and debate. Naveli, a student at UC Davis, is pursuing her passion for psychology, women’s studies, and dance to deepen our understanding of human behaviors. Manisha, their mom, led global roles at LinkedIn, eBay, and Oracle and endeavors to strengthen personal ties with awareness, accountability, trust, and technology.

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