The Universal Vaccine Solution is Available from Haier Biomedical

January 11 11:00 2023

The importance of vaccines in the health and wellness of society has been proven all over the years. Hence, the need for stable and sustainable vaccine storage is likely to be beneficial and essential in supplying a positive impact on children’s immunity-boosting methods. Variables in vaccine incidents like the issues brought by mishandling more than defects in manufacturing have surfaced and brought many concerns to the health sector.

The ultimate High-Technology Vaccine Refrigerators

A vaccine refrigerator and storing solutions cold chain company envisions the response to this need by creating the best end-user experiences in manufacturing and designing vaccines that focus on human, mechanical, and vaccine compatibility in the operation processes. The design is an accurate solution through a variety of IoT-enabled mobile vaccine storage solution equipment such as ULT Freezers and Cryogenic Freezers with energy-saving and automatic temperature adjustments replacing the outdated models of vaccine refrigerators and freezers with this compact one-way storage. 

Haier Biomedical for the Children and all other Stakeholders

Smart Vaccine Solution

Mainly, these vaccine refrigerators and freezers are built in national, hospital, and disease-treating level biobanks. Haier builds a biosample value-added service platform, it comes with a VIMS (Vaccine Information Management System) software data platform and lowers industry-wide barriers to information exchange to satisfy the needs of scientific researchers. All categories, situations, and temperature ranges are monitored by the Haier Biobank systems which are also incorporating biological sample process management, data gathering, and information sharing. 

Avant-Garde Digitalization

Ensuring that the injection processes information that is transparent increases vaccine safety and security. The vaccine information and status are adequately shown through the automatic updating of the screen display of these ULT Freezers. As the vaccines are automatically linked, the proper vaccinations will surely be given to match the right receivers and individuals. These are highly beneficial for parents to give them a worry-free vaccine solution. This helps improve government and health sector supervision for increasing people’s safety concerns and assures that vaccines are fully beneficial and vital. Haier’s vision of introducing a Smart Mobile Vaccine Refrigerator integrates the profiles of the vaccines, and characteristics of this storage equipment through the vaccine refrigerator’s capability to track its receivers’ situations and body effects. Thus, optimum vaccine scheduling will also be precisely implemented.

Solar-Powered Mobile Vaccination Sites in remote areas of the world

Haier’s Solar Powered Vaccine Refrigerator and Freezers have been an energy-saving innovation that inspired all other manufacturers and cold chain suppliers to save on electricity consumption and spend more on innovating vaccine solutions. Through this storage for vaccine solutions, a refrigeration system for mobile vaccine refrigerators is able to transport vaccines in Africa to deliver and distribute to children who are in great need of immunization and health-boosting. Reliable and trustworthy immunization sites will be established for everyone through the intelligent informational details given, and vaccinators and health officials will be assisted with the minor registration routine processes. Human mistakes will be avoided by making immunization treatments rational, systematic, effective, and reliable. 

The samples improved the collection, administration, storage, and overall process quality control efficiently for both laboratories and clinical pharmaceuticals. Here are further specifications and features of the Haier Biobank Equipment for quick comprehensibility:

  • In order to keep viruses (antibodies) hibernating at a consistent temperature, cryogenic storage equipment is utilized
  • Haier Biobank is outfitted with hydrogen inverter refrigeration technology, which is used in smart IoT cloud chip cryogenic freezers. In addition to maintaining a consistent temperature within the cabinet and offering a stable environment for sample storage, Haier Biobank can run with less power consumption and noise emissions.
  • The dual-system architecture guarantees the Biobank’s secure functioning. Smart IoT features are incorporated into Haier Biobank products to continuously monitor the vaccine formulation’s situations and standings.
  • The state of the biosamples inside the refrigerator is monitored by the alarm system, and event logs and other information can be accessed by medical professionals through a mobile APP. Here, less supervision and precise information are guaranteed.
  • It can adjust to as low as 86 degrees Celsius, the ultimately lowest temperature needed by a vaccine to stay in a better condition.

Aside from manufacturing the highest formulation of vaccines, keeping it properly stored through a precise mobile vaccine refrigerator that sustains its qualities, provides the best temperature, and handles every vial adequately defines an intelligent and substantial vaccine solution.

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