Generatsy: The Perfect Random Generator Tool For Any Startup Needs

January 11 11:10 2023

In most startups, random generators represent the perfect option for implementing and testing ideas. Even if it’s hard to find all the tools in the same place, Generatsy does a good job for many companies. Here are the most important characteristics of the same website!

Online Calculator

An online calculator is useful to know the business numbers, especially when the sales have dropped massively. Entrepreneurs can use the same service to see how much the revenue was affected through the time and what are the major monthly costs. Based on each answer, a new strategy can be implemented to increase the results. The manual work is eliminated and employees will save precious time in their schedule.

Random number generator

Let’s assume a brand is planning to launch a promotional campaign and send a gift to a winner. A random number generator is essential in the same scenario, because it will handle all the participants. In the end it will determine who’s the winner in the system, the entire process being similar to the one used in the lottery. Many giveaways work on the same structure and the engagement is higher as a consequence.

Invoice generator

As the name suggests, this generator creates invoices in any format and sends them to the customers. The users can determine the currency, as well as details about billing. Besides the custom fields, there could be added shipping fees and all the other taxes. Some brands complete the invoice with payment instructions, but that’s optional. This Invoice generator is accessible on any computer, as well as smartphones and tablets.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum is a text that represents the printing industry standard example ever since the 1500s. It’s survived a long time and now it’s used in many digital forms. For instance, websites or software prefer Lorem Ipsum to test ideas and see how it’s the new content format. This Lorem Ipsum Generator is useful to do tests and change the design until finding something that works for the brand.

Color Palette

A color palette is a great tool for companies that put emphasis on branding and look for a predominant shade in their presence. The result can be transferred in different images, logos, banners and graphics. Using a color palette generator it’s the perfect way to stand out in social media channels and attract attention from the audience.

Name Generator

A business name represents an identity and helps people understand what someone is offering to the market. Many domain extensions are already used and finding a new alternative became a real challenge. The good news is a business name generator can come up with lots of ideas and includes interesting keywords. That’s why it will be simpler to get the final answer.

Card Generator

A credit card protects identity against theft and it’s often used in testing transactions. It’s also a security layer for hackers that try to get financial information from a server. The same generator is simple to use and will create credit cards in real time. Although it’s not as required as other generators, in some circumstances it can be a critical element.

Who needs Generatsy?

This website is a perfect fit for entrepreneurs who are searching for a solution to generate information in the digital world. Besides this purpose, also presents a few additional sections for games, passwords and QR codes. That means there are multiple possibilities that cover most online needs and everyone has all the tools in the same place.

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