Operating System Installation Selection of Industrial Tablet PC

January 13 12:22 2023

Industrial tablet is different from ordinary computer, it is specially used for industrial control. Compared with the office performance and entertainment experience of ordinary computers, industrial tablets pay more attention to the stability of the system, as intermediate devices, industrial tablet must reach the standard of long-term stable operation in the industrial intelligent control, which is in order to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the whole equipment.

The stability of industrial tablets is related to the operating system installed. So which operating system is suitable for industrial tablets?

Before knowing the operating system, let’s take a look at the current major systems for industrial tablet. Generally speaking, the operating system currently applicable to industrial tablets are Windows & Linux, the different operating systems enable industrial tablets to realize the possibility of various software and hardware applications, and also meet the operating needs of different applications in different industries.

What systems are generally installed in industrial tablets, and what are the basis for selection? Generally, Windows2000, XP, win7, win10, Linux and other operating systems can be used, but the selection of industrial tablet computer system is based on two considerations.

1. Select the appropriate operating system. The hardware configuration and performance selection of the industrial tablet are determined according to the actual use needs, and only the systems that can be supported by the hardware configuration are considered for installation, because the appropriate industrial tablet system can better and maximize the advantages of hardware performance, and at the same time ensure that the operating environment requirements of the software used are met.

2. Stability is the most important for industrial tablet computer systems. Generally, the industrial tablet computer system will be one or two generations lower than the ordinary computer, because the mainstream systems will basically have more system vulnerabilities, and they often need to patch or update the system configuration, while the industrial tablet computer often needs to work around the clock 7 * 24 hours without interruption, and can not be stopped frequently to patch, so the older operating system will be selected on the premise of meeting the operation requirements.

What is the difference between win7 and win10 for industrial tablet computer system? In general, win7 is more stable, and win10 supports more new devices.

Win7 can be said to be the mainstream choice of the current industrial tablet computer system. This operating system has many advantages. It is more stable than the XP system and has more comprehensive drivers. In addition, the Win7 system has smaller capacity, which can save a lot of space for the system; The operation interface of Win7 is also more friendly than that of Win10, which conforms to the operation habits of most people.

Win10 system supports more new devices. It is the only computer operating system that supports the full platform mode at present, and can realize synchronous operation of multiple devices. After all, Win10 is a relatively new system, and its compatibility may be insufficient. For industrial tablets that pursue stability first, poor system compatibility will affect the normal operation of the device. For this reason, Win10 is rarely installed in industrial tablet systems.

There is no uniform standard for what systems are installed on industrial tablets. The selection of the system depends on what system the hardware configuration can support and which operating system the industrial control software is developed on. In general, it is to select an operating system that is suitable for the configuration of industrial tablets and can make them run stably.

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