Harrisburg mental health counseling center now offering massage therapy

January 13 17:58 2023

The Neurofeedback and Counseling Center of Pennsylvania is offering massage therapy in addition to the suite of mental health counseling services it already provides.

Center owner Amanda Levison, M.S., LMHC, LPC, CCBT, said the massage is not just a “feel good” experience aimed at helping someone relax. A therapeutic massage does much more.

“Just a few of the positive effects are: better circulation, reduced anxiety, better flexibility, more energy and a boost to your mental health,” she said. “Some benefits also depend on the type of massage you get. For instance, the deep tissue massage will break up scar tissue and remove muscle knots. A hot stone massage relieves muscle tension and relaxes you.”

The Center offers various massages ranging from just relaxation to specialized sports massage for athletes. The massages also come with additions like aromatherapy, hot towel foot or hand treatment and integrative reflexology.

The decision to add massaging services is something Ms. Levison has thought about for a while now. She said the Neurofeedback and Counseling Center is focused on helping and healing the whole person, so therapeutic massage simply made sense.

“Mental stress often creates stress in the body and vice versa as well. If we relieve one but not the other, we are not doing everything we can to help people who come to us,” she said.

Before bringing in massage services, Ms. Levison said she spoke to people in the community as well as clients at the Center. The feedback was uniformly positive. Everyone she spoke with said they would love to have such facilities available.

“We looked into the requirements and what was needed. So here we are,” she said. “You can come in for just the massage services if you like.”

The Neurofeedback and Counseling Center of Pennsylvania is now accepting appointments for the various massages offered. Full pricing, massage descriptions and prices are available at  https://www.neuroandcounselingcenter.com/massage-therapy.

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