Warmer Home UK Updates Measures for 2023 Central Heating Grants & Installation

January 14 00:21 2023
Many UK homeowners still don’t know that they’re eligible for a heating grant – some can even get a free central heating system installed.

The UK government’s Energy Company Obligation Scheme (ECO) is part of a wide operation to reduce the carbon footprint, in an attempt to cut emissions, and also combat fuel poverty.

Warmer Home UK is one of the leading companies backed by the UK government to provide heating grants and funding. Their aim is to offer a friendly and effective solution for households to claim grants available, if they qualify.

Warmer Home

As the new year rolls ahead, 2023 see’s many of last year’s funding measures brought forward, but there are a few new changes. 

Now, several more areas are now providing the ECO Flex grant scheme. This means that your residential area might qualify for funding, even if you aren’t claiming any benefits – this opens up the opportunity for more people to receive heating grants and free central heating installation.

The general rule of thumb for basic requirements of qualifying for a central heating grant, is that you need to be receiving one of the ‘qualifying benefits’ listed on the Warmer Home UK website, and your house must not have had central heating installed before. There are exceptions with the Flex scheme though, so it’s always worth getting your free no obligation quote from the Warmer Home UK website.

With skyrocketing energy prices, fuel poverty is at an all time high, and there’s probably no better time to have a new energy efficient boiler and central heating system installed. Many people still don’t realise that there’s funding packages available to be taken advantage of.

Free first time central heating grants are funded by UK energy companies and do not need to be repaid.

To see if you qualify for a grant visit: https://warmerhomeuk.co.uk/

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