VoIP Business, ready to disrupt the cloud communication market in the UK and the US

January 14 00:24 2023

VoIP Business is set to launch in the UK and the US cloud communication market on 14 Feb, 2023.

Thanks to the human-centric and intuitive model approach, VoIP Business is expected to disrupt the communication market as soon as it launches in the UK and the US.

Jamie Arif, the founder of VoIP Business, says, “The UK and US economies heavily rely on the corporate sector. Till now, there are 5.98 million businesses registered in the UK. So, there is an endless opportunity for growth in the business sector. I expect that VoIP Business can help businesses improve their productivity through a high-end and intuitive business VoIP system.”

Since its launch in 2006, the product has gone through plenty of changes to meet the upcoming needs of businesses around the world. Initially, the company started as a small bespoke communication solution for enterprises. With time, the need for cloud communication spread to the small businesses. Thus, the company understood the tide towards the widespread use of VoIP technology.

VoIP market research report of UK provides valuable insights on the VoIP market share in UK is expected to increase by USD 4.83 billion from 2021 to 2026, and the market’s growth momentum will accelerate at a CAGR of 9.08%.

Therefore, Jamie Arif, the CEO, and founder of VoIP Business addresses the communication needs of businesses through a state-of-the-art cloud gadget that promotes business success. 

CEO Jamie Arif says, “every day, people are flooded with new products that claim to help them, but in reality, they are just another liability. So, here we focused our efforts on the benefits rather than the outright claims.”

That’s how VoIP Business is becoming an asset for every business. Whether a small business owner is looking to cut costs, or a large corporation seeking to improve efficiency and collaboration, VoIP has something to offer.

 The ecosystem created by this company focuses on three main corners of the business success triangle: cost savings, flexibility, and collaboration.

Businesses want cloud telephone systems because they want to cut down the costs they bear on the telephone system. Therefore, VoIP business significantly reduces your net costs through low calling bills and cheap packages.

The reason why the launch is expected to gain enough traction is that the mission of VoIP Business is to democratize the VoIP technology for businesses of all sizes. Thus, Jamie Arif takes immense care to create a product that is much simpler and easy to use as compared to available products in the market.

 It’s no wonder that VoIP Business will come up with more powerful communication features for businesses in the UK and the US.

VoIP Business revolutionized the cloud communication technology that provides state-of-the-art communication through Voice-of-Internet-Protocol. VoIP Business’s IVR, Call Analytics, and Call Center tools make it the perfect match for businesses of all types and sizes. VoIP’s team is dedicated to making the best products in communication technology and connecting the world for a better future. https://www.voipbusiness.com/

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