How Stephtootrill runs the fastest Growing Social Media Agencies in the world

January 17 21:00 2023
For Stephtootril, the level of productivity has a direct impact on one’s professional and personal life. Being hugely productive lets people complete their tasks on time. For example, a daily planner supports him in keeping on top of tasks at work by organizing them effectively.

Stephen Jean Louis, aka Stephtootrill, is taking social media by storm by proving to be a force to be reckoned with in online marketing. This time, he shares key tips for staying on top of his game.

The marketing giant went from a hidden social media guru for the last 3-4 years to managing some of the most prominent social media influencers across all platforms like Instagram and Twitter. 

Managing and directing a team of 100+ employees takes a lot of concentration and a lot of energy. Steph walks followers through his morning and daily ritual to allow his mind to keep up with a company this size. 

Stephen Jean Louis starts every morning with a healthy breakfast and his daily superfoods needed for his mind to be able to not get overwhelmed under stress. His morning food selections are as varied as they are, but all they have in common are high nutritional value and excellent digestibility. Steph puts a lot of thought into what to eat in the morning.

Afterward, Steph then stretches for 30 minutes outside, followed by a 15-minute meditation. “Working out and meditation have always been things I’ve enjoyed doing in the morning. I see them as my alone time –– things that are really positive on my mental health and just genuinely makes me pumped up from the inside,” Stephtootrill tells the pres.

He always finishes his morning with a book and his planner. 

“Keeping a schedule for your day allows you to stay focused and achieve your tasks,” he adds. For Stephtootrill, people who lead a busy life need to keep their things and activities organized. Efficient scheduling is a vital part of time management. People get to accomplish the best results when they prioritize and plan their tasks before working on them.

Steph2trill is the man behind Untouched Agency, an industry leader that offers professional services for models looking to gain visibility through social network marketing, advertising on social networks, and various online advertising solutions.

Untouched Agency showcases the DMCA Takedown Service, which uses the latest technologies to situate and eliminate pirated content quickly and efficiently. By monitoring the internet and the world wide web 24/7, the Agency is able to locate stolen content and sends DMCA takedown notices to file-hosting sites, tube sites, search engines, and ISPs that are hosting or linking to the stolen content.

Untouched Agency presently has global offices in Columbia, the UK, and the Dominican Republic. It showcases over 200+ clients and a staff of over 100. 

Those who want to collaborate or reach out to Stephtootrill may visit to get started.

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